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Reacting to Assumptions! | Part II

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, when we hit 1000 followers, in one of the posts, I asked all of you to give some assumptions, and I got an amazing response! So, here I am, letting y’all know if the assumptions are true or not! You can check out Part I here!

Let’s get into it!

Aayushi @Ash Radiance

  1. You love maths, but you don’t like studying quite a lot.
    I do love maths, but I like don’t don’t like studying. Like, I don’t know why, but I hate it only when it’s exam season.
  2. You started blogging to avoid boredom but now it’s your favourite thing to do.
    I wouldn’t say favourite, I mean it’s tied with reading… I mean, it’s kinda true- I actually started at the very beginning of the pandemic, but I’ve always wanted a blog. And yess, I love blogging now- my blogs are my babies!
  3. All that is there in your room is BOOKS! BOOKS! and BOOKS!
    It isn’t actually, my mum makes me keep it spick and span. Trust me, if it were up to me, I would have books everywhere. Everywhere.
  4. You love blue colour.
    I do!
  5. You wear braces
    I do!
  6. You are a sleep lover.
    I am! I mean, I need my 8 hours otherwise I am a cranky boo
  7. You would love meeting aliens someday
    If they are harmless, then, sure why not. If they’re like humans then no.
  8. You don’t know cooking.
    I do know how to cook a bit, actually! Not just maggi and stuff, I can make pooris and rotis (pooris are easier than rotis, by the way) too!

Divi @The Name is Divi

  1. You prefer wearing shirts over skirts
    Definitely! I would wear a shirt over jeans rather than skirts any day! I actually own multiple shirts and not a single skirt, lol. Not that anything is wrong with skirts- they just aren’t for me.
  2. You hate spectacles
    No, actually! I mean, I hate that I am practically blind without them- but I like wearing them, because I feel like my face looks very empty without spectacles.
  3. You don’t like films as much as you like books
    That’s true! I mean, the primary reason people don’t like books is because they take time to read and stuff, but like, on a good day, I can finish an average book in 2.5-3 hrs, just an hour more than a typical movie, but more than double the details than there in the movie!
  4. You’re reconsidering your life decisions every time
    YES. I am reconsidering almost all my life decisions all the time. All. The. Time. Let me tell you it’s exhausting.
  5. You’re very forgetful
    Now, that’s not true. I am a responsible kiddo, who does forget incidents sometimes, but I do not forget important things.

Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner

  1. You sometimes like other bloggers’ posts without reading them 😜
    … have exposed me. But hey, I do go back and read those posts! Like, you know, there are certain posts I know I’ll like from the title, and I love monthly wrap-ups as well, but like the sheer amount of them takes ages for me to read!
  2.  The Human Book Club is dearer to your heart than Poems and Poesies (**muhahaha, yes, I am making you choose between your babies 😁😈😇**)
    No, actually. Poems and Poesies is older, as you know, and while I love helping people, P&P is an outlet for me to express my most creative side. So, yeah.
  3.  You are too much of a chicken to change your blog name to “Riddhi’s Cat-Loving Musings” for the entirety of the day that you post your reactions to these assumptions.
    I am. Because, I love my blog name and it is fitting for my blog. And I also do not like cats.
  4. You think Taylor Swift writes better songs than Ed Sheeran.
    Yes!! Taylor Swift’s voice isn’t that great- but her lyrics are amazing! Whereas Ed Sheeran’s voice is amazing, and his lyrics are also amazing, but not Taylor Swift level.
  5. Sometimes, you are overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into blogging and panic because you need time to study but also don’t want to disappoint your followers by going AWOL for long periods of time.
    I mean, honestly, kinda, yeah. But I also cannot stop blogging on Whispering Stories. I am on hiatus on my other blogs, and it isn’t bothering me much, but if I go on a hiatus on Whispering Stories- it’ll last for like two days!

Riya @Hmmm…

  1. You like listening to soft/chill pop songs
    I do, but I also enjoy listening to like rock music sometimes- Boulevard of Broken Dreams and others of the sort.
  2. You are still fan-girling over Red(Taylor’s Version)
    Not exactly… I mean I haven’t even heard all the songs yet, lol.

Suhani @Random Reader Rambles

  1. Your favourite subject is science
    Yep! I love Chemistry and Math in particular- I hate Physics.
  2. You don’t use many emojis while texting friends
    I do not, but in retrospect, my IRL friends don’t use that many emojis while texting either.
  3.  You prefer sweet over savoury foods
    Not really, I love spice!
  4. You prefer spending time indoors than outdoors.
    I do!

Eeshani @Light Bulbs From My Mind

  1. You don’t have any loud pets?
    I don’t have any pets 😦
  2. You are introverted 
    I am an ambivert who is more of an introvert than an extrovert.
  3. You like watching movies
    I do!
  4. You are not SUPER obsessed with fashion
    Nope, I am not. I would wear T-shirt/shirt and jeggings everywhere if I could. Oh, wait, I do do that.
  5. You’ve had this blog for a long time
    I mean, I am going to be blogging for two years in about two months, so yeah, I guess.
  6. You kinda like pizza?
    I do like pizza!

Rayna @Ray is Writing

  1. You want a dog?
    I doo, desperately!
  2.  Your room’s walls are blue
    I wish!
  3.  You play guitar?
    I mean, I used to, I know a few songs and stuff, but it’s all rusty since I haven’t played in months!
  4. You like baking?
    I do!
  5. You want to write a book?
    I do!

Anjali @Studio AD

Do you regret making your blog on WordPress?

Nope, never. The community on WordPress is so amazing and welcoming, and everybody is simply bound to fit in here! I did have a blog on Blogger and I even tried starting an anonymous blog on Wix, but neither worked for me, so yes, I support WordPress all the way, despite it’s glitches and everything.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me! If you’ve anything else you wanna ask me, just leave it in the comments!


63 thoughts on “Reacting to Assumptions! | Part II

Add yours

  1. OMG I ALMOST UNFOLLOWED YOUR BLOG (obviously just saying to be dramatic XD) WHEN YOU SAID YOU HATE PHYSICS. LIKE WHY?!!! ;-;
    New assumptions!
    You are Muslin (PLEASE PLEASE don’t take this in an offensive way. I mean it as a question)
    You are thinking to finish a book in 2022.
    You are not going to share about the plot of your book until it’s fully written.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anjali, you are just 11, study higher physics and you will realise the subject is really really really bad.

      Answers to your assumptions:
      1. Nope (Why would I be offended?)

      I actually have a WIP, which is published on Wattpad like 35+ chapters, but I have been in a writing slump for the past 6 months so I haven’t written anything lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OH LOL. I will see….how bad physics will get XDD If it does, I WILL TELL YOU FOR SURE. And umm…so many people could have had a different reaction to the 1st assumption, so that’s why I wrote you should not be offended…
        I will check out your Wattpad WIP too!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. **starts genuinely questioning her grammar usage**

        But I’m pretty sure it’s “beside the point”! “Besides” would imply that you’re saying something in addition to the point you have, but that’s not what you want to get across. By using “beside”, you kind of say that whatever you mentioned before is not actually the point, since it is metaphorically located “beside” that point. Using “beside” therefore expresses irrelevance of a matter.

        Alright, grammar lecture over 😇

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I-
    Face looking empty without spectacles? Yes, same feelings. I feel usually so bare-faced without it. Anyways, thanks for answering my questions! And, I join you in the gang of shirts over skirts.
    Cool post!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Puris and rotis both are difficult dude! I can’t cook any of them😅
    You were braces!!🤜🤛
    Finishing a book in 3 hrs😳 how is that possible? Some tips please😅
    And I hate physics tooooooooo!!😅😛🔪
    Awe-mazing post Riddhi❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Aah, I thought so🤣. No, it’s fine!!!!
        But there is one thing I wanna say, you guys are managing the blog and studies at the same time is commendable, I mean when I was in school I so desperately wanted to have a blog but umm…I couldn’t spare time for a blog!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I’m from 2021 batch! But I’m not in college, right now. It’s like NEET counselling isn’t yet over and so I don’t know if I’ll getting a college or not like my marks are kinda somewhere in middle😅
        So after the counselling gets over and if I get a college then I’ll be a prof student otherwise drop year and that’s how currently I’m UNEMPLOYED!!
        It’s the billionth time, I’m explaining my story😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you so much💕
        Haha.. will do that but there are more people around me than this blog who keep asking me every now and then I’m thinking of having this tattoo now🤣🤣 so that I could show it to them before asking!!👽🔪

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Until and unless your school is really devilish in making question paper you are not gonna fail!!😂
        And and and I’m telling you your preboards will be like worst but the boards will be the best.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You fixed my spelling!! I am eternally grateful 😇😇 Plus, you said you loved math (🥰🥰🥰), so I now think you’re even awesomer than before 😁
    And I also didn’t do too badly on my assumptions!! **does celebratory dance** Although I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t secretly hoping to be wrong about that third one…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is a bit late, but congrats on 1000 followers Riddhi!! I loved reading your reactions to all these assumptions; I also prefer jeans over skirts, and though I love math, I hate studying for math tests!!

    Liked by 1 person

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