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Reasons: Why I feel old at 17.

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I was born in 2004. And honestly, I find the idea of anyone being born after that absurd. I am comfortable with the fact that people are younger than me, but when people say I was born in 2011, I am just like, whoa, that’s so late! (Yes, I am aware people cannot be born late)

And then in the past couple of years, when I’ve started using social media and stuff, I just feel… old. Like I am here at 17, whiling away my days, doing practically nothing, and there are literal people younger than me or my age changing the world or something. Not just that, I feel like despite the fact that I act like a kid most of the time, my mental age is just simply not 17, it’s more. I know it feels like a brag, but let’s get into the points to see if it’s true or not.

  1. The Death of two grandparents in the span of six months:
    Just to be clear, I am not playing the sympathy card or anything, I am merely stating a fact.
    I lost my paternal grandmother in January 2021, and my maternal grandpa in May 2021. And honestly, when you’re at an age where you’re young, but you can still understand the mourning and sadness and everything- that ages you. A lot of us have lost a family member in the past couple of years, and I feel like we’ve aged with that, the ones who’re like 14-17 years of age. I don’t know, just a personal thought.
  2. COVID:
    I just need to say one sentence here: I was 15 when the pandemic started and now I am 17- time has flown.
  3. People younger than me:
    Okay, look. When I was in middle school, and there were people younger than me, I was like cool okay. But I see us today, and I realise people just one grade below me have so very different lives. Like, there are legit amazing films these people don’t know about, and I just feel old, because we grew up with those classics-like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai and other classic Bollywood films. What’s more, these kids grew up with technology, and I still remember the days when only one family member had a phone, and that too, a Nokia. I bet people 12-13 year olds don’t even know what Nokia is!
  4. People younger than me, dating:
    I talk to people, and I see them dating. I am not talking about 13-14 year olds, I am talking about 9-10 year olds. I mean, are kids that old even like capable of understanding what’s going on? Do they even comprehend what dating is exactly? Are their brains developed enough for like, everything? And it’s not even holding hands, it’s like kissing on the cheek- let me amend that- *just* kissing. So, I don’t know, holding hands is still a big deal for everyone around me, and people in my batch, so this just makes me feel old. Like, idk. It’s just weird, and I don’t know, makes me feel like I am orthodox?
  5. Instagram:
    Okay, so there’s this batchmate of mine, who has a sibling who’s in the 8th grade, I think. And the entire grade has mobile phones and their parents have allowed them to have Instagram and everything. Now, the phone thing, I understand, but Instagram? There were just like a few kids who were on Instagram when I was in 8th grade- we used to use this app called QuizUp to chat with each other! And what’s more, all of these kids make reels with loads of make up on and everything! Nothing wrong with it, but we were just goofing off when we were in 8th grade- we didn’t know half the make up products.
  6. The fact that I think of consequences to everything:
    I know this is supposed to be like a good thing, but for me, it’s just another thing which makes me feel old. Like, the Ukraine Russia war made me think about the environmental consequences too. And I hate, I hate that all these so called world leaders are not thinking about the next generation- they’re thinking about themselves. That’s not leadership. The amount of pollution is going to ensure there is no next generation.
  7. Talks and fights with friends.
    At 17, my friends and I are talking about Islamophobia, homophobia, and politics and whatnot. Aren’t we supposed to be “living the teenage dream” or whatever? Like isn’t everything that’s going on in the world- wars, climate change etc. etc. just too much for someone who’s figuring out what to do with their own life? Like, does no one think about our mental health, or do they just not care? Like honestly, haven’t we gone through enough, being cooped up in our house when we should have been out, having fun, and actually socializing?
    What’s more, when as friends we’ve fights, it’s not about silly things like who won the game or who cheated or whatever. It’s about actually being there for the other person.

So, yeah, idk. Like we’re supposed to be competing or need to better than these born-shrewd kids, and we’re just like normal kids, not born-shrewd.

I know this post was a bit off-brand for this blog, and what’s to follow is even more off-brand- it’s an unfinished draft of a poem, so like yeah.

It’s a weird time right now
Ukraine Russia at war

Causing my mental health to collapse
How am I to operate
When my future is at risk

The world’s on the verge of World War III
It’s just about to tip over
And fall into the deep, dark abyss of chaos
And I am afraid
That it’ll never return.

All the weapons
All the missiles
All the bombs
All that pollution
Is ruining my future

Why should I even work for my future
When I may not have one.

I need to add a few more stanzas to the poem, but like yeah.

I know it was an off-brand post for the blog, but like yeah, I liked writing this kind of thoughtful post. Let me know what you thought in the comments.


56 thoughts on “Reasons: Why I feel old at 17.

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  1. I know Nokia lol because my grandparents still use those phones.
    Sorry for your grandparents. (So sorry. I can’t even be to explain)
    This post felt like it was written from not the Riddhi I know lol.
    One more thing: Most of the things mentioned in this post are what I go through. Sometimes I wonder if I have some sort of condition because I think of SO many complex things and I am only 11. I feel awkward and weird all the time. I also feel like I am not enjoying my childhood.
    It’s really weird. I didn’t mean to show off sorry.
    IDK what to say. And about World War III possibilities, I have so much to say to people and do with my life that I don’t want anything to happen. Sometimes I just feel like I love life too much that I am ready to die anytime.
    This sounded all that depressive and stuff. I am sorry.

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    1. Ah, I see!
      Thank you.
      I mean, yeah, it’s a side of me I don’t show often, so like yeah
      I mean, yeah, everyone matures at their own pace but honestly, I feel like you kids are growing up too fast, lol- just my opinion though
      And it’s fine, the post’s not all that happy either sooooo

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah, I agree kids nowadays are growing up too fast! Sometimes I thought if we could know these things or have such facilities at such young age(though we are still young) then it will be all different!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. It would, it would, but in a way I am glad we knew that time, because today’s childhood honestly unparalleled to the childhood we had- to grow up with little to no technology is elite no matter what people say

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I feel that too 😂. Just kids who are an age younger than me have done things that i can’t even imagine doing for the next ten years of my life lol.
        Also aye, I’ve seen this side of you…kinda? A bit maybe???

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  2. 🥲there is so much to respond to on this post! I might need another post to comment!

    How are we of the same age but u r in 12th!! And i don’t even know what grade i am in!

    Point no. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 like true. true .agreed. so much truth in every letter.

    And the poem. You would not believe how many times i have written and thought that i will not even have a future.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome poem! I am so sorry about your grandparents. I know how it feels cause I saw my paternal grandma die when I was like really small. She was having a heart attack. I also attended my mother’s grandma’s funeral. It was so weird, everyone was dull and sad. So I went to eat chips and drink juice, lol.
    And I totally agree, so many kids younger than me have Instagram accounts.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Dhriti!
      Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. But that’s actually exactly what I wanted to convey- when people’re younger not in their immediate family and lose someone, they don’t really figure out what’s going on, and it’s not a bad thing- I don’t mean it that way. But when you grow older, and see this, it just impacts you more.
      I know right, I am like whaaaaat

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  4. Rids I don’t think you’re old! Even tho being 17 is big, I still think you are in the same grade as me-
    And yesh, I’m in 8th but I know Nokia (and I have an old model of Nokia at my house), I also watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (3 times… It was so good 🤧), Dil Chahta Hai… And I totally agree with dating thingy- LIKE I saw a 7-year-boy proposing to my neighbor who is like 6 (she is like my sista)
    So please don’t consider yourself old (as per me) because there’s still your life ahead…
    And the things I said is not to compare myself with you, but just wanted to tell you that you aren’t an oldie.. see I do these things too, am I an oldie too 🙃
    SO… JUST BE YOURSELF! And we love you the way you are- You will still be the same RIDDHI even if you grow 60 (was that too much now, NVM 🙈)
    Also, I can’t forget the poem… I honestly loved it so much ☺

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    1. Trust me Aarya, you’re in the minority- I’ve talked to a few bloggers and they don’t know about Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- they hadn’t even heard the name!
      And I know right, it’s like play video games and play with hotwheels and whatever, you can date your entire life!
      Ah, I mean, I don’t consider myself old, I just feel old- it isn’t different, but it feels different lol

      Aaah, thanks so much Aarya, for all those kind words!

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  5. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Each and every word is literally so relatable, Riddhi.
    I’m actually so glad you wrote this yr. Very well done!
    And yes, after COVID, this WW3 thing is taking a toll over our mental health🤧🥺really bad!
    That poem hits differently, When I may not have one.. Loved it❤

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  6. I feel the same things a lot. I am constantly stressed lately and worrying about my future. Will I even be strong enough to have one? I will be strong if I put my trust in Jesus. He can help me if I will only believe. I need to be better at my Christian walk. Sometime I fail and forget. Praise God He is patient.🤗
    Today I was at a party and someone asked me how I was and I said stressed. They said I should not be stressed because I am only 14. But I can’t help feeling the way I do.
    NO KIDDING! Dating at young ages! Most kids I talk to are ready for a boyfriend at 5-6 years old! And dating as well! I don’t think they even realize what they are talking about!
    And social media and mobile devices are not for kids older than 12, in my opinion. I have a phone but I am only allowed Skype, Blog, Email, and Telegram. And my dad monitors my messages! It’s crazy how kids who are 4-5 have phones and PCs! And are allowed to use Google, YouTube and all other kinds of stuff!
    I think of consequences constantly! That is why I am so stressed all the time I think. I don’t like the war going on. I hope it gets resolved as soon as possible.
    Don’t worry is what I am saying though my crazy rant. People are very different and different is a good thing. People like us are a huge part of the world and God’s plan. We just have to trust Him. Whenever we get stressed or think about things like this we should pray and ask for His help though these tough times.

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    1. I feel like everyone is stressed on different levels….
      I know right! Like I am all for dating when you’re over like 13, but that’s just too small!
      And yeah, I didn’t get my own phone till I was like 16 and stuff- like seriously, the next generation does get a lot of unauthorized access to stuff they shouldn’t.

      Same, actually.

      Thanks Corrie!

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      1. yeah so they put their nuclear defense systems on high alert, but they won’t nuke anyone unless they want to cause the apocalypse which somehow I don’t think they do. However I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just slightly concerned about the possibility especially if more countries become directly involved in the conflict

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  7. You always potray the truth in your posts!!!!
    I made insta account when I was in 10th and got personal phone after 12th and now I see kids are having Iphone in school🤣 like I am not saying it’s not good, I am just pointing out the difference!
    I also sometimes felt old and matured and exhausted at the age of 19

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    1. Ah, yes I do strive to do so!
      And I made mine in 11th, although my batchmates had theirs made in like 8th or 9th
      And like, everyone had hand-me-downs back then, and now these people have brand new ones so it’s like lol, we used to compare our hand me downs and them brand new ones
      Like, yeah it’s good, but that was definitely a different feeling
      I totally understand!


  8. I relate to so much!
    Even tho i am younger than ya i still know about like ZNMD and like the sonhs and almost every iconic 2000s songs. I do appreciate western music but its weird how people these days know just that and not like the ones which were my go to songs or even are.
    Nokia is a vibe bro😂 i mean uss mei that snake wala game, iconicc

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    1. Oooh, yay, happy to hear that!
      Ikrr, like I had a nokia till class 10, and whenever I was outside and getting bored I’d literally play it. My high score was like 250 apples or sth lol


  9. Whoa! This post blew my mind!
    And I agree… Zindagi na milegi dobara is A CLASSIC.
    It’s comedy and has a good meaning to it.
    Also, I don’t think you’re orthox… It’s just how fast things are changing now….

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  10. Even at 26, I relate to a lot of this, Riddhi! 100% yes to all these points, although let me tell you, Nokia actually still feels pretty modern to me 😂 I had an indestructible phone like that right up until I started university – in my childhood, we still had home phones with cords that stopped you from moving to far away from the phone station, which meant you could never have any privacy when you talked to your friends! (Honestly, do you youngsters even know how what phone cords are and how lucky you are not to have them? 😅) Also, I always feel super old when I realize people born in 2010 aren’t infants, but walking and talking sixth graders. Like, what the heck? When did they get so old??? 🤯
    I loved the poem, though! And trust me, you’re not the only person freaking out about the war in Ukraine 😥

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey, I am not that young, i have experienced landlines- we still have one at home! And yess nokia is indestructible! Like, there was this test where it was shot with a bullet and still nothing happened to it!
      I know right! Like 2010 is sooo lateee

      Thank you so much Naemi!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I guess that does make you older than the 2010 kids, at least 😁 And yes, I saw that Nokia video, too! Honestly, I deeply relate to whoever designed those things, because their need to make them that indestructible clearly shows they were very prone to dropping their phone, just like a certain other person whom I won’t mention by name here… 😅

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  11. Oye hoye what a postttt! I think this was awesome and we need more of these, maybe a- reasons why i still feel like a kid sometimes, that wud be fun!
    Also dude, i relate to sooo many of these EXCEPT the Russian Ukraine thing because I kinda think it’s exciting…i mean not that i want people to die lol, i just think if a world war happens and nobody dies (ik that’s not possible, but I’m thinking hypothetically) and people just run for their lives it’ll be like AN ADVENTURE! LIKE PEOPLE HAVE IN BOOKS and it’s gonna be better than our boring pathetic lives.
    Also this part that u said- honestly, haven’t we gone through enough, being cooped up in our house when we should have been out, having fun, and actually socializing?

    This part is wowww so trueeee!! Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Okay i realized that my comment on that Ukraine thing was very ahem weird…just note that i AM NOT SUPPORTING people dying.
      Also dude that nokia thing is so true 🤣🤣. I was so young when my mum got this nokia phone lmaooo. I remember the first time I used WhatsApp omg all these apps were so neeeeew. And that poem is so good bye!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks Nehal!
      I mean, like yeah, I get where you’re coming from, but the people dying after a pandemic is just very like blegh. And the politics of it all does disgust me.

      Thanks dude!

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  12. Hey, I was also born in 2004 and I also relate to the fact that kids Younger than us are no longer kid!!!!!!!
    P.S I lost my grandpa when I was 7 Soo really didn’t get it then…..

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  13. I turn 31 this year and that age feels way too young and way too old at the same time (if you know what I mean). I’ve gotten into the habit lately of calling anyone younger than 23 a kid because that age just sounds so young to me now. It’s like you said, so much has happened, especially in the last two years and with this Russia/Ukranian thing going on, everything feels really intense.

    All we can really do is be there for each other, do our best to breathe and keep our fingers crossed that stuff doesn’t hit the fan too much and we end up in WWIII.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I see…
      And like yeah, even though the ages have a huge difference- I am gonna turn 18 in December and I am literally so scared because I’ll legally be an adult, but like I know people are still gonna treat me like a kid, so yeah…

      Yes, true words Kori!

      Thank you so much for sharing your views!

      Liked by 1 person

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