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Reasons: Why people don’t like me.

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, people don’t like me. Surprise surprise. And fine, I am an unlikeable person sometimes, and I know it. But you know what, today I’ll be listing the reasons I believe are causes for people not liking me.

Basically, this post is me owning up to my faults, which I don’t, you know, exactly consider my faults. It’s just the way I am.

Also, guys, I know my blog’s also taking a kinda serious tone, but I promise it’s just for a few posts, and if you don’t like these posts, well, that’s alright too.

That, right there is part of the first point-

  1. It’s MY life:
    I’ll be honest. There’re are times when I go all- IT’S MY LIFE on people. I just hate unwanted advice and a lot of times instead of being polite, I retort. I know it’s not one of my better traits, but when I am pissed, and you give me advice, I am bound to let some of that anger on you. And that makes people think I am not actually a pleasant person, and you know what, fine by me.
  2. Immaturity:
    I am immature on the blog, and you might find it endearing. But people IRL? Not so much. What’s more, they think I am like that all the time, and that it’s actually a weakness, but you know what- bud, no, it’s not a weakness. It’s my way of dealing with stuff when life goes to shit, and it’s my way of being happy when other people are making me mad or sad.
  3. I call people out:
    More often than not, I call people out. A few of my blog posts call people out. I tell people when they do something I don’t like. Well, not always, but sometimes. And when I do that people get mad.
    For example, this person I told you guys about- the one who got my blog name wrong? (They’re probably reading right now, lol), when I called them out on the blog, they got mad. And you know what, I am fine with it- they’re the one in the wrong, not me. I just used their mistake for my content- it was my gain, haha. Oops, I did it again with this post.
  4. Gossip:
    Look, I like to know stuff about people. I don’t pass that stuff on, but I like to know stuff. I am a curious soul.
  5. Arrogant:
    I may come across as an arrogant person sometimes, and that’s because I am one, but only sometimes. I am a person who’s selectively social, and I don’t like to talk to everyone. I am like that, I admit. It annoys me when people ask me things they could have asked anyone else. That’s just the introvert in me I guess. I am just a generally reserved person, who likes to keep stuff from my different lives (blogging, family, friends) separate.
  6. Plain:
    I am plain. A plain Jane. Like if you don’t know me well, and you meet me IRL, I would exhaust conversation material in 5 minutes. The other person has to extract material from me- it’s in there, it’s just not at everyone’s disposal.

  7. Formal:
    A lot of people know this here actually, and have complained to me endlessly about it. They’re like Riddhi, why do you have to be so formal. I just like to come across as a little …. grown-upish, since I am so childish in my posts. As for IRL, I just can’t relate to people getting all friendly the first time they meet- like I like to keep my walls up for sometime.

And those were seven reasons people don’t like me! Let me know why you don’t or didn’t (past tense) like me (I promise not to take offense), and why people don’t like you! Own up to it guys, you’re perfect the way you are and people who don’t like you should realise that!

P.S.-1 I am aware my blog is going from being totally bookish to becoming partly bookish and partly non-bookish, so I like, just hope y’all are fine with it. Because while it’s my blog, it would exist without you. So, let me know if you support or oppose it.

P.S.-2 I may or my not be starting a serious segment on my blog called Reasons- let me know if you support or oppose it.


46 thoughts on “Reasons: Why people don’t like me.

Add yours


    I like how honest of a person you are. You always open your feelings in your posts in my opinion.AND OMG. I DID NOT KNOW YOU WOULD TAKE MY CHILDISH COMMENT THIS FAR XDDD
    I mean, ever since I have commented you that, I have seen reflections of it in your recent posts XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. oooohkayyyyyyy thank youuuuuuuu

      And chilll, it’s not your comment, seriously! Like, I am looking back on my posts and my actions and I am realising that it’s like true, and thank you for that! Really!

      And yep, this be mah safe space so like yeah I am the most honest here.

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      1. :))))

        I have a non-healthy addiction to capital letters and they sometimes make the sentence look rude but it isn’t. ANYWAYS, get used to it.

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  2. Start Reasons! I love your serious content! I think people need more serious things in their life. I do.(but please keep books as well🥺)
    How do I begin? Well, most people don’t like me IRL. I have about 10 friends and most of them are 13 and under. That’s because I don’t get along well with teens my age since I don’t really like social media all that much. The only social media I have is blogs. Don’t get me wrong here! I love all my friends! The younger ones I would not replace for anything! I don’t have a BFF. I dislike when people do actually. Then they form a sorta group and people know that those two are BBFs so you can’t be a best friend since the role is already taken! I have been tossed aside for a BBF in the past so I know how it feels. And I never want to do that! I try and equally talk and treat all my friends. I also hate Clicks! Why exclude people?!
    I also am very judgmental. It is a bad trait, I know. And if someone is doing something that I think is wrong I will call them out for it. Especially if they are hurting another person.
    People don’t like me also because in new situations I like to stand back and observe rather than talk. I think maybe I appear snooty?
    Maybe I am immature to some people? I like Barbies and dolls even though I don’t play with them. Look out if you try and take my stuffies!
    I am a huge nosy person. I am not a gossip per-say. But I do like to know everything😂.
    And yes, I am plain. I don’t wear make-up or much jewelry. I don’t really care about fancy or designer clothes.
    And that all is ok! We will not be loved by everyone. No matter how awesome we are🤣.

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    1. Yess, obviously the goofy and bookish content is going nowhere!
      And like, I get that- I mean I just started using social media actively when I was like 16, and like while I have a small group of friends which was there irrespective of it, there were times when I used to feel left out, but honestly, except for blogging- I don’t see the hype around Instagram! So, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on something major!
      As for BFFs, like tossing other people out is wrong, but I feel that it’s nice that people have like one person to tell everything to- but of course, to each their own! And yess, cliques suck!
      And like yeah, don’t worry, everyone’s judgemental, some people show it, some don’t
      And yess, I get the standing back and observing thing- like I need to figure out who’s a good person and who’s not!
      lol, honestly I’ve never had that big of an attraction to stuffies or dolls- not that I am saying it’s a bad thing to have them, they’re just not for me, haha
      Yess, same! Like the maximum make up I do is lip gloss and eye liner
      Yesssssss, that’s the spirit!!


      1. Maybe a light chapstick😂.
        My dad has Instagram but I’m not all that interested, except for the cool pictures. I do think it’s nice to talk to one person about things. But that should be God, your parents or siblings. I talk to all my friends about stuff.

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      2. I mean there are people who don’t have all that amazing families and are atheists or just don’t believe in God that strongly, so I feel that it’s fine if they have a BFF or sth

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  3. Oooo deffo start reasons also completely objectively all of this is true but you have more than enough good qualities to overshadow some of the bad ones
    You should also do a post called reasons people like me or better titled reasons why people put up with my 2am caffeinated ass (I honestly like the second title better)

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  4. Damn ❤️
    I loved the way how you admitted your traits honestly and who said you are immature?
    Ps: it’s okay to not publish bookish posts all the time. Write whatever your heart feels ✨

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  5. Whoa! This post was the definition of honest. Too good!
    I can definitely relate to the first one…. I don’t really like people dictating my life to me. It’s MY LIFE, as you said/wrote.
    I love how you did not hesitate to admit who you are. ❤️
    And you should def write a post on reasons why people like you (there are tonnnsss of reasons)
    And Reasons is an amazing idea, I think you should go for it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Honesty is always the best policy, I think – I would much rather be called out by people than have them simmer with anger at me behind my back, so I don’t think that trait makes you unlikeable at all, Riddhi! In fact, you’ve generally always come across as very likeable on your blog, so I’m afraid I have no tea to spill on all the dark evil deeds you’ve done to me 😂 (Except you don’t like cats. How can anyone not like cats? That makes me deeply suspicious of you! 😱)

    As for me – I have been told that I can come off as extremely intimidating 😅 Apparently, I “love school way more than normal people would” and have a tendency to get carried away and enthusiastically drone on and on about topics like math, science, books, and philosophy when other people just want to share the latest celebrity gossip with me. And also, if I have to choose between studying for a test and attending a party with friends, my evil soul would probably pick the test every time (or also staying at home to read a book) 🙈 So yeah, in other words, I’m a boring goody two-shoes 😂 A boring goody two-shoes who never fully opens up about her feelings to anyone, may I add – I’m definitely also guilty of keeping everyone at a distance, even my friends and family 😅

    Still, I’ve always felt that I’m pretty lucky – even though I was never exactly popular, I’ve always gotten along well with most people in my life, and don’t think anyone has ever outright hated me!

    And please, keep the non-bookish stuff going! I love blogs with a good mix of topics 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I mean, not everyone thinks of it like that, so well.

      Cats are Satan incarnate themselves Naemi, it’s a good thing I don’t like them (lol, jk)

      And honestly, if it’s an important exam I’d rather stay in and study too! And oh, same, I don’t open up either and am also guilty of keeping everyone at a distance

      Yeah, I think that might be true for me as well, except for well a couple of people who did hate me for some reason, but I won them over with my ✨charisma✨

      Thank you!

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  7. I am telling you there are so many people who call me stupid and everything. Just ignore the haters. If they don’t like you, their loss. In my old school, I had many real friends. In this new school, I have fake friends.

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  8. This post was so honest…and yes it was totally relatable for me coz people don’t like me because of my IT’S MY LIFE kind of attitude….and I’m also called immature…great post!

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  9. I can definitly relate to the immature part lol. But i am lucky that i have close friends and cousins to hang out with. But just so you know. There are a ton of great things about you Ridi, Like you have really good writing quality. The fact that you are honest enough to write a post like this, and many other things that set you apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean, I get where you’re coming from, and like yes, truth is truth, but there are places that are inappropriate to point out a person’s fallacy- that’s just my opinion though!

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  10. I absolutely approve of and support your blog! I admire your honesty. In my opinion, the world is greatly lacking honesty and appreciation in the right areas or rather, to the right people. So keep on blogging!

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