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Discussion Post | Things that irritate or motivate me as a blogger | Part II

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

I am pretty sure most of you will be like when was the first part of this done? And you’ll go and scroll down on my website. I’ll save you the trouble- here’s where it is, and it was published back in the December of 2020. I know that’s so looong ago! But well, since then I’ve grown as a blogger, and my pet peeves and non-pet peeves have increased, not by much, they definitely have. And here’s part two of the discussion! Let’s get into it!

Note: I haven’t mentioned the things I did in the old post, so the points in these post are like relatively newer, and also less than there are in that post.

Things that irritate me has a blogger

  1. When people don’t credit me when they use my ideas.
    Okay, so, like, there’s no non-braggy way to put this- I come up with good ideas occasionally. And other people definitely might want to do it, as I, too, use other people’s ideas when they’re amazing. But when I do it, I credit them. I even credit YouTubers who’ll probably never even see my post! However these other people, whose blog I actually follow, they use my idea, say they came up with it by themselves, after the commented on my blog saying great idea/post or whatever.
    And you know what, they may have even come up with it themselves, but at least say in the comments of my post that you were thinking of doing something similar, because I’ll obviously feel you were just copying my idea, especially when their normal content isn’t all that creative. I mean, Nehal did a post on Ways her blogging self differs from her IRL one, and I was like hey, I’ve always wanted to do this post as well!
    This happens with not just me, but with so many other people! Like I’ve legit seen people copy pasting half their posts from other people’s blogs, using the same idea and post title, while not mentioning their posts at all! And it just makes me mad, because I know the effort that goes into making a blog post, and you’re like simply copying the post/idea without putting in your own effort? That’s literally so wrong.
    Okay, yes, I’ll stop ranting about this now.
  2. When people use unnecessarily many strikethroughs.
    I love the occasional strikethrough. I use them often myself. But some people have half their posts like filled with strikethroughs? Like I wanna read your post, and excessive strikethroughs make it extremely difficult!

    I hope you enjoyed the demonstration 🙂
  3. RaNDom CaPitALizaTion
    Okay, look, when people are being sarcastic and use random capitalization, I am all for it. But it makes no sense half the places and then they think to themselves, oh I am so cool! There’s just some myth surrounding random capitalization and strikethroughs- apparently they are ‘cool’? I mean, I’ve always stuck to good ol’ blogging with much fanciness and it’s worked out for me.

Things that motivate/make me happy as a blogger

  1. When people praise me for exactly what I am trying to be in that particular post
    Okay, so lately everyone knows I am being more… ‘real’ in my posts, and I’ve been getting comments like ‘I love how honest you’re being’ and stuff, and it is just so heartwarming.

    On a related note,
  2. When I go through my old posts and read awesome comments
    Honestly, I reread my old posts and their comments whenever I am having a bad day. You might consider it narcissistic, but for me it’s kinda like how a musician always listens to their music. Like, obviously I write what I love, and it’s also kinda like reading an old journal, except its about books, mostly. And what’s more in this journal, there are beautiful comments by other people as well!

  3. When people are like: ‘We will support you, no matter what.’
    I don’t think I need to elaborate.

And that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s significantly shorter than Part I, but I think it’s good enough! Let me know your pet peeves and non-pet peeves in the comments below!


56 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Things that irritate or motivate me as a blogger | Part II

Add yours

  1. The first point annoys me too but then i most often don’t call the person out when they do this because I’m like- ik this is wrong and hurtful but people still read my posts more than urs coz I’ve been blogging longer.
    Ik that sounds highly narcissistic but i can’t help it 😂😂😂.
    Also the strikethrough kill me!!!! Like why? People use strikethroughs so irrelevantly 😭
    And random capitalisation is so weird! Like there’s this blog i love but they use this type of format and the content is good but the capitalisation is still a pet peeve lol.

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    1. Broo, samee, like I mean most people reading their posts know the OG was mine so ha joke’s on you.
      Besides if I started calling everyone out, I’d be picking up fights with so many bloggers, lol, and I just don’t want that
      It’s not, you’re merely stating a fact

      IKR! Like, it’s just weird!

      I mean, I don’t mind the capitalization as long as it’s actually relevant and they’re not doing it to just seem like cool or whatever

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  2. The last point on the THINGS THAT MOTIVATE ME was really sweet😢💜

    And the random capitalization point is soooooo valid like why people do that 😭🤣
    But who am I to judge
    My bestie does that on texts 🙄🤣🤣

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  3. Too many strikethroughs (and that too unncessary) boil my blood, I’m not kidding-

    And the first point is sooo common, like I read someone’s new post and I think that wait, I guess I have seen something similar to this done by another blogger and they have not even like mentioned him/her in it! It’s just very unfair to use someone’s idea and make it your own!!

    Ahh even I re-read my posts a lottt and the comments make me smile so damnn much😭 I swear people in the blogosphere are so sweet😭

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    1. Yess! Like, I am all for strikethroughs, they add humour, but that does not means you douse your posts in strikethroughs excessively!

      Yess, it’s so annoying! Like, I take other people’s ideas all the time, but I don’t forget to credit them! And I also get that they might’ve had their idea on their own but they post just two days after they’ve seen and commented on the original post, it seems just too coincidental! Especially when they’ve like just started blogging and their previous posts aren’t that creative- like I wasn’t that creative either, experience has made this blog what it is, and it just really hurts when people just basically pass off other people’s ideas off as their own.

      Okay, I am gonna stop ranting now

      I know right, they’re the besttt!

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  4. On point though, I hate it when there is excessive strike through because I get it it’s like notes or talking to oneself BUT THE ENTIRE POST ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE STRIKED THROUGH!? Like it’s not funny anymore, it gets cringe if it’s excessive. I also hate it when there are like emojis after like every single word/sentence. You’re trying to write not text. That’s a point I wanted to tell just randomly out of nowhere, sorry.
    I really get what you’re trying to say, I agree one hundred percent 💅

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    1. Yes, exactly, like I use strikethroughs too, but half of the post covered in strikethroughs literally doesn’t make sense and has no point!

      Yesss, same, I thought of adding it here, but then I remembered people loooove emojis, hence I didn’t lol

      Thanks Divi, glad you agree!

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  5. I will support you, No MAttER wHAt!

    K but srsly- amazing post Riddhi! Loved it.
    The first one is VERY annoying. Not happened to me but um yep-
    And I have told you like oh I like ur idea I might do it to would be fun and could I and that I would credit you but never ever end up even doing it oof.
    I loveeee strikethroughs they hilarious when their are random sarcastic lines cut…but when there are tooo many tis hella annoying.
    Even I love going through old posts and reading da beautiful comments.
    This post was amazing. Lovely ideas- infact u come up with better ones each dayyyy! Go Riddhi. And the discussion post series was an AMAZING idea. Loving it.
    Anywaaaaay amaaaazing pooooooosssst ❤

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  6. I totally agree with you on the strikethrough (on all the points, actually) but emphasis on Strikethrough… It’s so annoying when you’re trying to read something but these lines keep coming in the way!!
    All of these points are soo relatable and I definitely learned a lot from this post, so thank you for that!!! And even I re-read the comments on my blog… It gives me a sense of security. I totally agree with Siya, people in the blogosphere are sooo kindd and welcominggg😭❤️
    This post is soo goooddd, Riddhi!!🥺❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  7. We will support you, no matter what✨
    It’s so unfair that people don’t acknowledge the fact that they used someone else’s idea. And I am pretty sure famous YouTubers read your blog posts.
    You come up with the most creative post ideas ever!!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’m 100% with you on all of these!! Like, I honestly don’t mind at all if people copy my posts – if I liked an idea enough to make a post about it, then I obviously also like seeing other people’s takes on the idea, too 😁 – but please, give me the credit!! However, on a related note, I also don’t like when people paranoidly call other people out for copying them when that obviously wasn’t the case – before you start accusing, do your research! I recently saw a blogger point fingers at someone for writing a reaction post to one-star reviews of their favorite books, swearing this person had copied them – BUT THIS KIND OF CONTENT HAS LITERALLY BEEN AROUND FOR AGES! Honestly, I think I already saw it on BookTube about ten years ago… 😅

    And yes – too many strikethroughs or cOnTEnt wITh RANdOM CapitAlIZatIoN annoys the crap out of me! It is so tedious to read, so don’t do it unless you’re trying to get some point across with it!

    And of course, I totally do not stroke my ego by going back and reading all my followers’ lovely heart-felt comments when I’m feeling down… 😇 Who does that?? (Answer: Me. I totally do that, too 😁)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know right!
      Yess, I agree! But even in those cases, the other blogger does get the idea from the person who initially posted it, but they still don’t credit, and I feel that’s wrong.

      Of course, you don’t (read:totally do)

      Thanks for reading Naemi!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I do agree in theory, but in some cases, it’s almost impossible to trace back who first had an idea when so many people have jumped on the bandwagon without ever mentioning the original creator… In that case (and when you’ve seen something around so much that you no longer remember where you first saw it 😅), I think it’s fine if you just mention that everybody else has been doing it and you’re simply joining in! And some types of posts (like Q&As or end of the year reading stats) are so basic that I also think it’d be kind of ridiculous to start crediting people for those – so there’s a bit of a fuzzy gray area… But generally speaking – yes, do your research and give the creators credit!!

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  9. When people praise me for exactly what I am trying to be in that particular post I relate to this one a lot cuz it always gives me a fuzzy feeling when people get exactly what I am trying to say in my poems

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  10. Ahhh I fear I may be a random capitalisation offender, however I trie to only do it when it’s actually relevant, otherwise sort of defeats the point of the capitalisation in the first place! ;D All of your points were really valid and I rlly enjoyed this post!! ;D

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