Blogger Interview with Anjali!

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Today I’ll be collaborating with Anjali @Studio AD and well, I’ll just be doing a plain old interview! So let’s get to it peeps!

R: Tell my readers something about yourself.

A: Hi! I am so happy you’re here! I am Anjali. I love to read and write! I make videos on my booktube channel and post articles on my blog. I am quite a sarcastic person in real life and sometimes on my blog too. Oh! and I am hoping to publish a YA dystopian thriller novel by the end of 2022.

R: ….and here I am, who hasn’t even finished her Wattpad novel. Anyway, what do you blog about? Why?

A: I blog about books, writing, and everything I love! I have posted poems, short stories, book-related, monthly wrap-up articles till now. I will start posting writing advice in a while. I blog because I love sharing my passion and thoughts with the small but kind community I have on my blog.

R: Well put!  Do you prefer blogging over YouTubing? Why?

A: (lol we all know YouTubing isn’t a word) This is where it gets tricky! I honestly don’t know. I mean, YouTube videos take time to film because my house is almost never silent and editing is fun actually. I love editing and want to edit more videos and post them but I don’t get that much time due to my million hobbies but I do enjoy them ;). Whereas blogging takes less time. The graphics do take some time but viewing it overall, it’s less time-consuming. My exact answer would be…YouTubing because I love making videos even though some result to be cringy.

R: YouTubing is a word- ask anyone!

There you go, even Google verified it.

Moving on to the next question: What is your favorite genre to write about?

A: Definitely dystopian science fiction and thrillers.

R: Ah, interesting! What is your writing process?

A: Oooooo! This question is what I have been anticipating! So first as soon as I get an idea, I save that idea in Google Docs because if I keep it in my brain, I will forget parts of it. After that, I wait which is the most frustrating part. I wait for the story to form with that idea for a while. Probably a week and sometimes a month though it depends on the person. Till that time, I gain knowledge about the idea and the genre from YouTube and articles. I even re-watch the videos I have before on writing so that they stay in my brain for the next phase. Then comes the exciting-but-also-kind-of-irritating-at-times part. I try to find some templates to help me outline my novel. There are just so many options which makes me feel annoyed! It’s SO hard to choose the right one for myself. Next, I simply outline my novel. It takes forever to do that for me since I am a panster and I literally cannot think of my novel without having my laptop in front of me because I like to discover my story as I go. The last step is to actually WRITE your novel. I go through highs and lows while this last phase of writing a novel. As of now, I am trying to manage my schedule to fit the time for writing.

R: lol, I didn’t really outline my Wattpad novel, even though I knew I should’ve, but I was like, whatever. As for ideas, there are a thousand million in my head, but stupid 12th grade isn’t giving me time to pen them down, and actually try writing them. Anyway, next question- What is your favorite genre to read?

A: Dystopian sci-fi and thrillers! I want to love fantasy books but something always stops me from reading them I don’t know why!

R: Ah, dystopia is one of my favourite genres too, but I don’t read it much, because I feel like we’re already living it, with everything that’s going on. TV shows or movies? Why?

A: TV shows!!! I like movies in general but TV shows are much longer and they give more information in the plot than in movies as they have many seasons which of course, enhances the experience of watching them.

R: True, true. What are your follower/subscriber goals for this year for both your blog and YouTube?

A: For my blog, I want to get 300 followers and for my YouTube, I want to get 1k subscribers. (Kinda hard but if it doesn’t happen, I will have a good laugh at the end of the year lol)

R: And my goal for YouTubing this year is that I’ll actually start one, although I don’t think my overthinker brain’s ever gonna let me do that. Anyway, why did you choose the name of your blog/YouTube channel to be Studio AD?

A: I never thought anyone would ask this but there’s this channel I was so obsessed with and I am still too. The channel’s name was Studio B. She mainly makes book reviews and her channel’s name is also inspired by some other channel called Studio C. So, I simply wanted to have my channel name as Studio AD and AD also stands for Anjali Dhankhar.

R: Oooh, nice! I actually like your channel name, and like the fact that you blog and YouTube both makes it look like you actually have your own studio and like idk, I am not making sense, but like yeah. What celebrity would you want as your friend, and why?

A: Definitely Shay Rudolph!!! I am a huge fan of her. She is popularly known as Stacey McGill in the Babysitters Club Netflix show. I love her personality and she’s so sweet! I would love to be her friend!

R: Ah, I did start watching that show, but I never ended up getting past the third episode- not that it’s a bad show, it just wasn’t my taste.  What is something you wish more people knew about you?

A: A lot of people take my passion for writing a book in 2022 as a joke and just a childish dream. I wish they knew how MUCH I am dedicated to this goal and also how dark of a person I am. I have many sides.

R: That… is such an ominous thing to say. I mean, can’t you guys imagine someone like Nate McCauley from OOUIL saying this? Or any broody person in general? But, yeah, I get what you’re saying- everyone has many sides, and several of them aren’t even visible to anybody else. What is your favorite thing you own and why?

A: Apart from my infinite TBR, the favorite thing I own is my journals. More specifically, my physical journals. I love looking back on them so much. They just remind me of how much I have grown as a person.

R: How do people have the attention span to journal and actually write stuff?! I hate writing, as in actually hand writing! But to each their own! What is something you do when no one’s around?

A: Hats off to you, Riddhi! This is the best question anyone could ever ask me. You may think this is very…um weird and not important. But it is what I live for. When no one’s around, I like to sing. Not exactly sing. But I whisper the lyrics keeping the beats and melody of the songs in my mind. I love doing it very much and one more thing I do is that I talk to a wall. I pretend that behind me are fictional characters who are there listening to me ๐Ÿ˜Ž

R: I know I am a genius, lol. Jokes apart, it’s not weird, I think everyone has secret concerts and fictional friends.  If you didn’t blog about books, what would you blog about?

A: Discussion about things no one talks about. For example, the inner anxiety everyone feels while doing something big and basically, things that are unspoken and pretended aren’t there.

R: Ah, you know what, you should start a blog on that on WordPress- I shath support you 100%! What genre of music do you like? Who are your favorite artists?

A: I mainly like pop and inspirational music. My favorite artists are Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

R: Ooh, niceee! I haven’t heard a lot of Billie Eilish, but I do love what I’ve heard. As for Olivia, she has a few great songs- like brutal and jealousy, jealousy! Dogs or Cats?

A: Lol, I know you like dogs but I like cats more. Dogs are just too scary to me.

R: And that was the wrong answer. Dogs aren’t scary.

How can you call these absolute cuties scary?! Look at them, just look at them! And dachshunds are so cute! And golden retrievers! Anyway, I am rambling about dogs now. And so quickly, we’re at the end of this interview, but before you leave (lmao, it sounds like an in-person interview now), any feedback for my blog?

A: I love your blog so much. The humor, the quirkiness, and the interaction are wonderful. I can’t imagine how you are able to post SO consistently.

R: I don’t know either, but I have a feeling this consistency’s about to go. Oh, well, we’ll see, what happens will happen.

Thanks so much Anjali for setting this up! All of you go, check her channel and blog out! Until next time amigos and amigas!

P.S.- I know I seem high in this interview- I swear I am not, my brain’s just gone fuzzy for a while, and I know I shouldn’t have written a post while my brain was fuzzy, but what’s happened has happened. No regrets.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Your replies were even better than mine lol.

    I NEVER THOUGHT YOUTUBING WAS AN ACTUAL WORD. I just wrote it because I thought you would make fun of me. I know it’s lame. Don’t tell me.

    P.S. You really were high on this post lol. And stray dogs are SO SCARY to me. Though I love those disciplined dogs XD

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