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Reacting to your thoughts of IRL me! | Part I

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, some time back I asked y’all to send in your thoughts on how I am IRL. In retrospect, I realise how much like assumptions it is, but it’s also not like assumptions, so idk. Anyway, let’s just get into it!

Also, R indicates my thoughts on it and italics represent the thoughts! And I know I promised I’d have a friend react to them, but all of them have pre-boards going on (Mine got over early, haha), so they couldn’t react. But I solemnly swear I’ve said the truth (according to me, anyway)

Anjali @Studio AD

 I think you’re not that mature IRL and you have a huge group of friends.

R: Okay, so I personally think I am kinda mature IRL, which is why I am like what I am on here. Like obviously, I am not mature 24/7, but I can be mature when I need to be. Like this is that place where I let loose, lol. And no, I definitely do not have a huge group of friends- I have like, six-seven friends from different friend groups.

Siya @The Dramatic Drama

Uhm in real life, I guess you are kind of the girl who is not so social but still has friends? You are the funny one in the group and always give a good laugh to everyone! And you are mature and have a very good sense of what’s right and what’s wrong! Even though you don’t like studies at all and sometimes don’t even do well in exams, you DO WELL in exams!

R: Yes, I am very anti-social at times. Like, I literally ghost my friends, lmao. But yeah for some reason they still stick with me. And no, I am not the funny one in the group, although I do have good comebacks occasionally. And as I said, I am not mature 24/7- I mean I still have that immature angsty teen/kid in me, but yes, I do believe I have a good sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. And no, actually, being the nerd I am, I enjoy studying! And well, I don’t like exams though! Like, I do good in exams that actually matter, but well in pre-boards I suck. I might literally fail my pre-board that I just gave a couple of weeks ago, lol

Stara @The Pool of Thoughts

So, she actually wrote a very long comment, but I’m just going to extract the things that are useful here and put it here, because the comment’s longer than the actual post I did asking y’all lol.

Firstly you know no your widgets you have the part that says “HEY THERE!
Welcome to Whispering Stories!” and under it is a bit emoji thing of you, so I kinda imagine that you look like that.

With dogs or cats I think you are the kind of person who will just go- “Aw it’s so cute.” And melt into this mushy pile.
I think you are the kind of person who hates when something is wrong. Like when someone takes credit for something not theirs some people would be ok with it but others would stand up and speak and say something cause it is wrong.
You often sit and just listen to music.

You are awkward and would be nervous to ask someone something if you don’t know them like asking if they have drinking water at a store when you aren’t sure if they do
You are awkward and would be nervous to ask someone something if you don’t know them like asking if they have drinking water at a store when you aren’t sure if they do
You have that close circle of friends which you cannot live without
Once you are comfortable with a person and start talking you cannot stop.
You wear specs but your eyesight isn’t thaaaat bad or anything.

R: Phew! Let’s get into this! So, I did kinda look like that when I started blogging, but I’ve had a haircut since then, I changed my spectacles, so no I don’t really look like that anymore. I am just too lazy to change it lol.
Well, I turn into a mushy pile for dogs, not so much for cats- kittens maybe, not cats.
I mean, like yeah, I do not like when people take credit wrongly, but it happens just too often, and I hate it. Gah.
I do! Although it’s more like watching music videos- I just had a two hour music vid sesh before writing this post, lol.
Actually no, I find comfort in the fact that I am probably never gonna meet them again, so even if they judge me, who cares?
I literally am not.
I mean, I guess? Like at this point in my life, I don’t think there’s any one person I cannot live without. It would hurt if they left, sure, but I’d get over it.
Mmm, kinda I guess, like I do know where to cross the line, though.
No, my eyesight is TERRIBLE.

And we’re done!

Aayushi @Ash Radiance

In real life, you are an introvert or may be an ambivert slightly towards introvert!
You don’t like to study but you have to
You have a variety of moods!
You are a big foodie!

R: Yeah, I am an ambivert slightly towards introvert (more like almost crossing the line between ambivert and introvert)
I do like to learn new things, but I don’t like to study for exams
I do, I am very moody. Very moody.
I mean, I like a bunch of different foods, but I don’t like eat except that very small list, lol.

Riya @Hmmm…

 Are you telling me the person we assumed you to be isn’t like the person you are irl!!💔 how many layers do you have??!
I am guessing that you are a perfectionist and have very high standards for every SINGLE thing that you do.

R: Hey, no, I still am the same person, in fact I’d say the blogger version of me is much better than the IRL version. And I am an onion- I have many layers.
And no, I am not exactly a perfectionist- like do I wish to be perfect in whatever I do? Sure, who doesn’t? But like if I don’t get it perfect, I don’t obsess over it excessively, unless it’s something very important.


I guess you’re serious and studious
You’re a fussy eater
You have glasses like me 🤓
You’re introvert
And a die hard fan of Taylor!

R: I am serious and studious, actually. Like, yeah, I am not at all like what I am here, lol.
Yes, I am a very fussy eater, but I am alive and healthy, so well yeah yay!
I do have glasses!
I am an ambivert, teethering on the edge of introvert

Shivi @Shivictionary

I THINK… are a introverted person you have one special friend I mean you are not that kind of a person who needs a huge group to have fun.
And you are the topper of your class

R: I mean, I don’t have one special friend, but I do have like a small tight-knit group, and yeah, I mean I can even have a lot of fun alone, so.
And I was the topper of my class. Key word: was. I am just not that good at studies anymore, haha.

And that’s all the ‘How I am IRL’ thoughts I’ll be reacting to today! Stay tuned for Part II!


15 thoughts on “Reacting to your thoughts of IRL me! | Part I

Add yours


    -fussy eater
    -enjoys studies but not exams
    -small tight knit group
    -mature irl but laid back/relaxed here
    -ghosts irl friends

    Loved reading your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so much fun to read, Riddhi!!! (Even though I missed your announcement of this thanks to school 😭😭😭 But then again, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything to assume, either, because my picture of you is so very dependent on what you share on this blog! Although I do also imagine you kind of like that emoji thingy of yours, lol 🤣)

    And aren’t we all onions? 😁 It was nice getting to see a few more of your layers!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh, I thought you might have prepared that already, being as insanely on top of your posts as you usually are, but in that case, here you go! 🤗

        1. You are one of those people who constantly overthinks other people’s perception of you, especially in real life.
        2. You love dogs and get really excited when you see one, but you feel too awkward to go up to the owners and ask if you can pet it and are too disgusted by the possible they might carry diseases to go up to street dogs. So you just observe them from a distance and mourn that you don’t have a dog of your own.
        3. You are the “good kid” at school – you never make trouble, participate in class, and like to appear studious to your teachers, even when you might be a little behind in studying.
        4. Your room isn’t super neat, but not super messy, either.
        5. You text with your closest friends every day (or should I say every night? 😜). The later it is, the weirder the texts get.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I mean, yes I did have it prepared in February, but since then a couple of other people have commented as well, so I was gonna include theirs, and yours wouldn’t be an inconvenience either!

        And thank youu!

        Liked by 1 person

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