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Reacting to your thoughts of IRL me! | Part II

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, some time back I asked y’all to send in your thoughts on how I am IRL. In retrospect, I realise how much like assumptions it is, but it’s also not like assumptions, so idk. Anyway, let’s just get into it!

Also, R indicates my thoughts on it and italics represent the thoughts! And I know I promised I’d have a friend react to them, but all of them have pre-boards going on (Mine got over early, haha), so they couldn’t react. But I solemnly swear I’ve said the truth (according to me, anyway)

P.S.- Click here to check part I out!

Dhriti @The Tomboy Diaries

I feel like IRL Riddhi and Blogging Riddhi are the same. Instead of wasting minutes on fillers and ice-breakers like talking about weather, sports, movies etc., you can get straight to the point. The lack of any physical distractors is another factor. I get distracted so easily- I am starving.

Intuition mixed with friendliness and just the right level of assertiveness. Everyone likes you. You are sweet, kind, nice, funny. You know the practical solution to all most any problem. You have gang of loyal true friends *which are really hard to find in my opinion. So lucky you. I have met so many fake friends and I hate them.* You are a topper in your class. But you don’t speak a lot during class.

IRL Riddhi and Blogging Riddhi are definitely not the same, lol. But I do usually don’t beat around the bush a lot. And I also get distracted super easily (I am starving too :p)

And actually yes, I am intuitive, I get vibes from people if the vibe be good, you my friend, if the vibe not be good, you not my friend. In general, those vibes are actually pretty accurate, but more often than not, I end up not paying attention to them. I *try* to be sweet, kind, nice, but I am definitely not funny IRL, because well, I don’t usually like being in the spotlight IRL, so I crack a joke in my head and chuckle to myself. I am hoping the friends I’ve right now are loyal true friends, because they’ve occasionally put up with my bullshit (I have put up with theirs too- action was just reciprocated) *Sorry about your fake friends though, don’t worry, you’ve time, you’ll find true ones*
And I was a topper and I also used to talk a lot in class until 10th grade. *sings in terrible voice* Everything has changed *hopes you got the TS reference*

Corrie @Miraculus Homeschool

I think you are quieter than on the blogs. Maybe more introverted, a helpful friend and funny.

Literally almost every guess has said that I am funny IRL. I am not funny guys! Yes, that version of me exists!

But yes, I am quieter than on the blogs, and I am definitely more introverted. I aspire to be helpful, but well, I don’t know if I am totally.

Shivakshi @Tales I Tell!

I guess you are kinda judgy IRL, you don’t vibe with most people

I am kinda judgy IRL, but just when I meet new people- like I don’t judge people I already know, because the people I already know are the ones I vibe with. I vibe with some people, I don’t with some, so well, yeah.


I think you are veryy smart, funny for sure as we laugh on the same things, a bit socially awkward but well so am I! You’re a sweet and a helpful person and I’m glad we’re friends

Fun fact: This was actually given by an IRL friend of mine. We don’t talk that often, and we just became friends over an year ago, so, well, she decided to give this in!

I am smart, I guess, funny not so much, socially awkward- very much, sweet and helpful- that’s up to IRL people to decide. And I am glad we’re friends too!

Suhani @Random Reader Rambles

Haha I think you’re pretty serious in real life and a bit of perfectionist. I also think you are realllyyy good in studies 😂😂 ooh and I think you are probably the most active on social media compared to your other friends ahah.

I am serious IRL, and I am also a bit of a perfectionist. As aforementioned, I am not thaaat good in studies anymore, I was until 10th. And I have two phases- one where I go off Instagram completely and one where I post excessively, so yes, I kinda am most active on social media compared to my other friends at times.

Nehal @Quirky Pages

Okay i know for a fact you are less social and also socially awkward. I also know that you’re bold, or reckless, like when you go ahead and tell your crush you like them. I also think despite maybe a few insecurities, you’re content with how you look and all.

I am socially awkward, and yes, I do tell my crush I like them, because a. There’s a 50% chance they like me back and b. If they don’t like me back and become all weird, it means that we weren’t meant to be friends either.
And like, yeah, I guess, although I do wish I were less hairy and I do also want to lose some weight. But, like yeah, I look fine enough.

Tiction (doesn’t blog anymore)

IRL, I think you stay to yourself more, and I guess, you’re more carefree IRL?

Well, I do stay to myself more IRL, but I am definitely not more carefree!

Pannaga (Doesn’t blog anymore)

I think you are an above average student and you are not really as famous IRL as you are on the blogosphere? And i feel like there’s more to you than what you show on your blogs. I think that’s a side reserved only for your blogs and online people. And if we get to meet you and be friends with you IRL, we might get more of you than just this. You are definitely awkward but only for the first few minutes? Like, some people have “starting problem”  maybe you do too, and once you get over that, you are actually fun. And maybe you are not as formal as you are on your blogs, IRL. And your ego online is larger than it is IRL. 

Hmmm…. I was an above average student till 10th, I don’t know about that anymore. And duh, I am more famous online, than IRL. As for there being more to me than what I show on my blogs, I think it’s true for not just me, but for everybody who blogs- like sure, we do share some of our innermost thoughts on here, but not all of them right?
I mean, I am awkward with people I have been friends with for over 8-10 years now, so, no, that problem is everlasting.
I am still kinda formal with everyone, but that’s just like my defense mechanism, lol.
And uhh, no, I don’t my ego is larger online.

Addie @Shining Star

Hmmm I think irl you’re introverted and quiet

Introverted, kind of. Quiet, depends on the company.

My Rollercoaster Journey

Ok, so I imagine you wear glasses, a book in your hand at all times. I imagine you can be very talkative with people you are comfortable with, but shy and quiet around strangers. I think maybe you are a generally positive optimistic person. I’d say you dress casual and a little bit chic.

I do wear glasses, but I no longer have a book in my hand at all times. Well, technically I have my phone in my hand at all times and it has books in it, so yes technically? I don’t know, but I definitely don’t read as much. And yes, actually, I can be very talkative with people I am comfortable with, but I also can chat a bit with strangers who I am likely to never meet again.
As for optimism, like a typical teenager, I am moody, and some days I am a ray of sunshine and some days I can manage to bring other people’s moods down. I like to say I am just the right amount of mix of optimism and realism.
And my dressing sense is actually rather plain- I love checked shirts, plain T-shirts, or T-shirts with something witty on them, or for winters, I love to wear a shirt with a sweater over it. And the pair of black jeggings I own are my favourite. I also love to wear tshirts and then put on an open-buttoned shirt over it. So, yes, it’s sorta formal but casual too, I don’t know what to call it really.

Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner

1. You are one of those people who constantly overthinks other people’s perception of you, especially in real life.
2. You love dogs and get really excited when you see one, but you feel too awkward to go up to the owners and ask if you can pet it and are too disgusted by the possibility they might carry diseases to go up to street dogs. So you just observe them from a distance and mourn that you don’t have a dog of your own.
3. You are the “good kid” at school – you never make trouble, participate in class, and like to appear studious to your teachers, even when you might be a little behind in studying.
4. Your room isn’t super neat, but not super messy, either.
5. You text with your closest friends every day (or should I say every night? 😜). The later it is, the weirder the texts get.

  1. I am an overthinker, and I do overthink other people’s perception of me, and I constantly doubt if people around me really like me or not. Not the healthiest thing, I know, but the important thing is that I have learnt to care little even if they don’t like me, so yay me!
  2. YES I LOVE DOGS. And no actually, I go up to their owners and ask them if I can pet them. I do sanitize my hands later though.
  3. I was. COVID ruined me.
  4. Yep, that’s true!
  5. Like, it honestly depends on my mood. I do end up ghosting them sometimes, but when I am in a good mood, I do send a few messages on the group chat everyday. And yes, I get weird late at night, but so does everybody else, right? Right?

And those were all the thoughts you guys had of me of how I am IRL? If you missed the post, let me know in the comments what you think of me and I’ll answer!

P.S.- I am out of my hiatus on Poems and Poesies, so do check out the poem I posted here as I got out of hiatus, and also follow if you wish to!


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  1. Did I imagine already having commented on this? 🤔 I am so sure I left a comment about how I didn’t do too baldy, and how I love that you just go ahead and pet the dogs, and how I’m sure you’re funnier than you give yourself credit for! But now that I was looking for a post to link someone’s abundance of Q&A questions to, there is absolutely no evidence of my ever having been here… Like, even if my comment had gone into your spam folder, I would have liked this post, right? 🧐 **starts seriously questioning whether she is getting old and losing her memory** 😅😂

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