The Colours of Life Book Tag [ORIGINAL] | Holi Special |

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

First of all, a very Happy Holi to all of my Indian readers! For those of you who don’t know, Holi is a major Indian festival, wherein people celebrate by putting colour on each others faces, arms, legs etc. etc. It’s actually pretty fun, and I didn’t do an amazing job of explaining it, but here’s a link which explains everything about the festival (I literally thought of this post yesterday, and since I have a practical on 22nd, I don’t have time to explain it in-depth). I did also do a post explaining the festival briefly last year, and here is where you can find it.

Anyway, since Holi is the festival of colours, I decided to you know, create an original colour themed book tag, something people who are not Indians can participate in as well!


  1. Tag the original creator- Riddhi @Whispering Stories and the person who tagged you.
  2. Give one or more books that relate to the list of prompts.
  3. You need not use the graphics, but do use the featured image!
  4. Share this link which tells the story of Holi- the Indian festival of colours which inspired this tag.
  5. Tag as many people as you want!


1. Red: Name a book you know you will love always and forever.

2. Yellow: Name a memory associated with a book/books that makes you light up every time you think of it.

3. Green: Name a book that makes you green with envy, because of the wonderful world that it contains.

4. Orange: Name a book that ignites a fire of hatred every time you look at it.

5. Blue: Name a book with an extremely sad ending- a book that shattered you.

6. Purple: Name a book that made you go all- ‘Whoa, that’s wise’

7. Pink: Name a book that was an exemplary piece of literature on feminism.

8. Grey: Name a book that was plain and boring.

9. Black: Name a book that was super dark and gave goth vibes.

I don’t have ample time, hence I am not attaching my answers to the tag, right now, at least. I’ll try to add them whenever I can!

I tag:

  1. Sumedha @the wordy habitat
  2. Simran @Far From Perfect
  3. Kori @Writer Girls Book Reviews
  4. Corrie @Miraculus Homeschool
  5. Kaashvi and Snigdha @Admist
  6. Harshi @Reflections
  7. Sheri @Read Betwixt Words
  8. YOU! if you’ve ever celebrated Holi, or if you just found the tag nice!

Let me know how you celebrated Holi, or if you enjoyed learning about the festival!

32 thoughts on “The Colours of Life Book Tag [ORIGINAL] | Holi Special |

Add yours

    1. Thank you so much Ash!

      I did celebrate, but I have stopped since COVID hit- I love celebrating the festival, but well, COVID.

      Anyways, I really hope you do this tag- I’d love to see your take on it!

      Liked by 1 person

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