How are you guys doing?

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t been replying to comments since the past few days, and I am super sorry about that! I am reading them, but I just don’t have the energy to reply to them- it’s just been a bad week, that’s all.

So, to let you guys know that I still care and everything, I figured it’s a perfect time for a chatty post- let me know how you guys are feeling- the good, the bad, everything! It can be anything random- something good that happened to you in the past few days, what book you’re reading, what movie you watched recently, what TV show you’re watching, anything! Since HBC is on a hiatus, you can also share an issue you’re facing down, and whenever I reply to the comments, I’ll reply and try to solve your issues as well.

Sorry once again guys, I promise to get to the comments whenever I can.

42 thoughts on “How are you guys doing?

Add yours

      1. I’m sorry you’re not doing super great I’m always here to talk if you need it. And you could always submit a piece to HBC and have one of the other writers write a response to it lol. They’re doing a great job with suggestions!
        Yay I’m happy you got some great news!!!

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  1. hi! my finals just got over so i have a few days of freedom and have been reading and blogging A LOT. aand i have my birthday coming up next week so i’m pretty excited for that!!

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  2. Yesterday, I finished watching episodes 11 and 12 of 2521 (Netflix kdrama) and episode 7 of A Business Proposal. I have been reading the diary of a young girl: Anne Frank. It’s fine, though boring at times when I don’t get what she’s talking about lol. I love her cheerful tone even though she’s in hiding because of World War II. I ALSO SURVIVED 24 HOURS WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY!!! A post coming up on that soon and I really REALLY have a lot coming up soon. I still miss BSC😭

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    1. Ooooh nicee! I haven’t read Anne Frank, it was in the school syllabus for the previous batches and I was like I will read it then, but then it got removed so like yeah haha
      What’s BSC?

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      1. Ah, I see, yes I read that! Sorry about that though you can always rewatch the series and read the books, and imagine the characters speaking like those in the show, right?

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  3. Oh no, I hope everything’s okay! Sending big hugs.

    I’m doing okay. Had a relaxation day and I’m planning to get back into all the things I have to do tomorrow, now I’ve had a rest I’m looking forward to being productive again.

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  4. Hey riddhi! I’ve been super busy these days but today I got a day off from work, so I have finally a little time to breathe lol. And I binged the Hawkeye series and shang chi and black widow (basically went on a marvel movie marathon, yes)

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    1. Yayy! Aah I have just watched Loki of all the recently released Marvel Content, that’s on Disney+ Hotstar! Also I saw on the news that Sri Lanka is in an economic crisis, and I think that you speak a Sri Lankan language- Sinhala I believe, but I don’t know if you live there… Either way, I hope everything is fine with you and your family!

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  5. I’m pretty good. Sorry to hear that your week was tough. But I’m glad it’s looking better.(at least I hope so!)
    I have been doing extra school and taking care of my goats. Reading a lot more now that things have quieted down.

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  6. I’m sorry your week hasn’t been the greatest, Riddhi! I really hope you’re doing okay! 💙

    My week has also been super stressful, but also good! I’m finally starting to get a feel for how much I can realistically squeeze into one lesson – when I started teaching, I completely underestimated how SLOW students can be 😅 – and I’ve been having a ton of interesting discussions with my classes, especially during my English lessons! And I just planned my first big math test for Friday, muhahaha 😈 (But seriously, I hope the students don’t hate me afterwards! 🥺 It’s not that difficult, right?) Also, I’m trying very hard to get ahead in my lesson planning so I can maybe visit home this or next weekend – since one of my brothers and I aren’t really gonna be there much, my parents decided to use our rooms to host a Ukrainian refugee family, and I’d love to be able to meet them in person! Sooo yeah – you’re not the only one who’s been a little absent around here 😅😂

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    1. Thanks Naemi!

      Ooooh that does sound kind of stressful! Also, the secret’s to not let the kids know you set the test, just tell them all the Math teachers set it together :p (I mean we had different sections, and two teachers taught the entire grade and they always told us both of them sat together and made the test so like yeah)

      Ooh, that’s so nice! I hope the family settles in well, especially after all the trauma they’ve faced!

      Ah, I see!

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      1. Well, there actually were other teachers involved as well, so I guess, yeah, putting all of the blame on them is a brilliant idea! 🤔😃😇 Thanks for suggesting that!


  7. Hey Riddhi, I hope your week hasn’t been too awful, it’s rubbish when everything just seems to crash down on you 😦
    I’ve had a pretty busy week (well last week) as on Saturday we had the performance for our school show, which meant sooooo many rehearsals and spending 13 straight days at school as we had a full weekend for rehearsals the week before the show. Luckily it’s all calmed down now after the performance so I am looking forward to a few weeks of no stress (unlikely).
    I hope it all get better for you!

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