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Thoughts On: Differences between Elder Siblings and Younger Siblings

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, today we have a very interesting topic. Elder siblings and younger siblings.

Most Indian kids have at least one sibling- everyone in my friend group does. And I can’t help but notice significant things that are common between everyone who’s an elder sibling and everyone’s who’s a younger sibling. Let’s get into it!

*Hopes a sibling war doesn’t start in the comments, although she wouldn’t mind witnessing it :p)

1. Maturity:

Honestly, to some extent, I feel like elder siblings mature faster. As much as I may deny it in real life, my sister was probably more mature when she was my age. Parents do tend to count on the elder sibling more than the younger ones, which leads to us being a tad more immature than the elder ones. Elder siblings do tend to be slightly more responsible.

2. Parental

For some reason, elder siblings consider themselves to be our third parent. Why? No one knows. They’ll sneak around on our stuff, and whenever they find something, they’ll go ahead and scold us themselves or they’ll rat us out to our parents who will in turn scold us. And then they wonder why we don’t tell them stuff. This is also the reason the younger siblings gets scolded so much more than the elder ones. It’s like parents have all this experience now, and they’re like- WE MUST USE IT.

3. Sneaky and Secretive

For this, I’ll have to say- the younger sibling is more sneaky and secretive. There is this guy in my grade, and both of us were discussing our respective elder siblings, and both of us were like, because of them we have to tiptoe around, and well, have trust issues, since neither of us tell our friends a lot of stuff either. What’s more, the number of times we have covered up for our siblings is 100000 and the number of times they’ve covered up for us is negative 1000000 (since they’ve ratted us out)
I have to say younger siblings sneak out more too. Re: The maturity point, parents tend to think that younger siblings can’t handle themselves, hence we aren’t allowed to go out. The alternative? Sneaking out, of course!

4. Distant

I believe the elder sibling is in general, closer to both parents, and is fine with staying at home their entire lives. On the other hand, younger siblings tend to get out of the house at the first chance they get. It’s not that they don’t love their parents, I just think it’s that they don’t fit in with their family as well as the elder siblings do? Just my opinion, honestly.

5. Compromising

I feel like younger siblings are more compromising as compared to elder ones, especially when there’s a huge age gap. Since we were kids, we were supposed to stay at home when our siblings had exams and couldn’t have our friends over either. Elder siblings also get the better room, and stuff like that. But that’s actually sort of okay with us, because we understand. You see, ultimately younger siblings are simply ✨better✨.

These were all simply my opinions and observations, obviously they might be true for some and untrue for some! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you agree with these points or not, and if you’re an elder sibling or not!


55 thoughts on “Thoughts On: Differences between Elder Siblings and Younger Siblings

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  1. As both an older sister and a younger sister (I’m a middle child lol) I must agree with everything you said here! I truly get the best and worst of both worlds haha.

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  2. I felt so attacked while reading this😂😂 each one of this is directed towards someone like me, because I am the third parent. I sooooo relate hahahaha this was so creative!

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  3. I really don’t know what to say to this because I’m the eldest of all my cousins, both on my paternal and maternal sides, and trust me, it is not the best to be the eldest.
    My younger sibling takes advantage of every situation and get’s EVERYTHING she wants-
    And yes, I do feel like a third parent…

    Well, these are just my opinions. Loved the post!

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  4. Pff, this is so not true!! (Except for the older siblings being mature and younger siblings being evilly sneaky part, which totally is 😇) OLDER SIBLINGS ARE THE BEST!!! And way more compromising than the younger ones because, unlike them, we actually had to fight for our rights! When I was six, I still had to go to bed at 8 p.m. and was only allowed to have candy and Nutella on weekends. When my youngest brother was six, he got to go to bed whenever he wanted and sweets weren’t regulated, either. And we all got to choose our rooms in a very democratic discussion! The only reason I have the biggest one is because my siblings all wanted top-floor rooms, since those have a loft… I had to compromise just as much as they did, and I’d also say we’re all equally close to our parents, too. And my youngest brother is the only one who still lives with them, so there! 😎

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      1. Of course a younger sibling would continuously argue that they are supreme, without listening to rational and obviously correct evidence from their older and more experienced peers… 😜

        Still, I very much enjoyed your generic observations!

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  5. “You see, ultimately younger siblings are simply ✨better✨.” Couldn’t agree more.
    My sister always acts like my mom, “do that.” “Do this”
    Ok ya, siblings do snitch (I do..) my sis never does. So she knows all the school gossip like how Rajeev and Kiran broke up. And how Deepika is crushing on Rithvik, but he has a gf (his neighbour). They recently broke up, so Deepika was excited. But then she found of that Rithvik likes Tanvi,her Best friend. So they both got into a fight. Then they figured it out. Wanna know more gossip? Cause I got tons

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    1. 2 guys are crushing on me. They both staring at me is the creepiest thing ever.At first all girls thought Rajeev was sweet and nice and they were crushing on him but turns out he is a total player. He has all the girls numbers, he dated Kiran, Vaishnavi and Tanvi more girls than I can count.

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  6. SHHHH OLDER SIBLING SUPREMACY ✋✨ and younger siblings compromising?? I WISH MY BROTHER COULD BE COMPROMISING FOR ONCE 😭😭 but yes YOUNGER SIBLINGS ARE SO SO SNEAKY!! They can get away with absolutely anything and everything! Loved reading this post!!!

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  7. well, I agree with most points. But about the sneaking part, elder siblings may have more freedom, but they have to fight for it too. As for me, it was reallly awkward. Like, when you’re eldest, your parents have not experienced and you don’t know how to ask them for permission. You don’t know if something is going to be alright to them or not. So it’s testing waters. Also, elder siblings also can be distant. It depends on person to person. From personal experience, I’d say that elder siblings feel lonely. Parents are parents and they do not have someone their age or someone who understands them at that age, or any age for that matter. And then they rely on friends. That’s true with me, and I admit it. I rely on my friends because the generation gap makes it not possible for my parents to understand everything going on with me. However, I try to be their for my sibling because I was in her shoes literally 4-5 years ago! So elder siblings can actually be more distant, and I feel that younger are closer, because of all the pampering.

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