Discussion Post | Movies and TV shows which would make awesome books ft. excerpts from those books (written by me)

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So, all of us talk about movie adaptations of books, there are so many of them! But how many of you’ve ever wondered what would some movies and TV shows be like, had they been books? Wouldn’t that have been amazing? Like reading the multiple POVs, getting more depth into these awesome characters?

So, today, I’ll be discussing a few movies and TV shows which I would love to see as books!

1. Stranger Things

I would literally die to read the book for this show. Think about it, all the multiple POVs, wouldn’t it be amazing? Like, just amazing! If we think about Season 1, we could have Will’s POV, about how he was scared in the Upside Down. In Season 3, we could have Billy’s POV, and that would be gold. It could show an internal conflict.
We could also get a Demogorgon/Mind Flayer’s POV. It could be something like this, you know, something purely evil.

He could sense the girl.
She was close.
He felt the anger coursing through him- How dare she close the gate- how dare she obstruct his path to his inevitability- his inevitability to conquer all dimensions.
Yes, he would destroy her…. and then all her tiny, powerless friends. There’d be no one to stop him…. no one.

– Stranger Things- The Book, by Riddhi B.

It. Would. Be. Awesome.

2. Never Have I Ever

Okay, okay, I know, first something as awesome as Stranger Things and now, Never Have I Ever? But hear me out, especially all of you desis out there- don’t you feel a tad bit anger when you see the portrayal of Indian culture in Never Have I Ever- like it’s not bad, but definitely could be better, right? And again- MULTIPLE POVS. Imagine a POV of Nalini. Imagine the glorious portrayal of Indian culture. Imagine it.

Here’s an excerpt from the book- it’s Nalini’s POV.

I am tired of going after Devi. As an Indian, I wish she would understand more of her country. I understand her point of view, though. She’s never been to the country! It’s a pity, that’s for sure. But throwing her books out of the window? Books are considered sacred in our culture, as they should be- they are the imparters of knowledge, how can we disrespect someone who teaches us? Would we ever disrespect our teachers? Surely not!

Aah, what has America done to my little girl?

– Never Have I Ever- the book, by Riddhi B.

3. Sex Education

Okay, all the parents and children reading this, when your parents give you ‘the talk’, isn’t it supremely awkward? And don’t even get me started on the non-existent sex education curriculum in schools and colleges alike, especially in India.
You’re looking for a book that educates you/your child about whatever’s in ‘the talk’- not a TV show that could be too graphic. What do you do, you’re desperately in need of such a book. Fret not, because in my world, there’s a book based on the show!

I am not writing an excerpt for this, since I’m not an expert on the topic, plus, let’s keep things PG-13 shall we?

4. Brooklyn 99

Okay, okay, I know that the show has episodes that can also be watched not in a series- sort of like stand alone episodes. Buuut, we could have comics, right? Or maybe we could just have like standalones with the gang’s adventures? Like you know, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple series- they aren’t connected, but the characters are kinda sorta consistent. It. Would. Be. Epic.

Here’s an excerpt from the book (It’s from Peralta’s POV):

“Peralta, I want to see you in my office.” Captain Dad, I mean, Holt said. “Ugh, first thing in the morning? I didn’t even do anything. And I’m wearing a tie!” I retort. I get up from my desk anyway, and go to his office. Terry’s there too, looking solemn. Ooh, this must be bad. What did I do? What did I do?

“Did you, or did you not eat the candy that was in the break room, yesterday?” Holt asks. Hmmm, I did, but I eat candy all the time anyway. Why’s that important?
“I did, it was soo good…. But what’s the problem?” I ask.
“That, Peralta, was Cagney and Lacey’s birthday gift! I had that candy imported from Japan- it cost me a lot!” Terry says, indignant. Shoot, I’m in trouble.

– Brooklyn 99- The Case of the Missing Candy- by Riddhi B.

5. Ocean’s 11

Honestly, this is the only Ocean’s film I’ve watched, but I am going to watch the others, for sure. Buuut, this being a heist movie and all, it would be amazing to go into more details, and everything.

I am not writing an excerpt for this one, because I am sure I’d butcher the script, lol.

6. Tall Girl

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m adding this here- like the movie wasn’t great, but I don’t know, I feel like it would be a great YA novel, a good comfort read.

This one’s from Dunkleman’s POV, the final kiss of the movie, that scene:

Holy shit, what is happening? Is this really happening? Is Jodi finally kissing me? Is she realising that I’m her Prince Charming? Her love and her happily ever after?

Okay, yeah, that was extreme, but holy shit, this is happening!

“Jodi, are you sure?” I ask. Brain, why are you being rational, let it happen!

“Yes, Dunkleman, I’m sure.” She replies, flashing her beautiful smile at me, and dropping down, to plant her lips on mine.

– Tall Girl- the book, by Riddhi B.

7. Inside Out

Okay, raise your hand if you think it’ll be amazing to see the POV of emotions in word form. *everyone raises hands* Now, imagine if it’s from the POV of a teenage girl, who has hormones and emotions spilling everywhere. *oohs and aahs in the audience*

Point made.

And those were seven movies and TV shows I’d love to see as books! Let me know in the comments down below if you found the book excerpts nice! Which TV shows and movies would you like to see as books?

29 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Movies and TV shows which would make awesome books ft. excerpts from those books (written by me)

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  1. Ooooh, this was so wonderfully creative, Riddhi! 🤩 And of course, I would totally read The Stranger Things one! I need something to bridge that gap of waiting for Season 4! And the demagorgon POV is awesome!

    However, where’s my Inside Out excerpt? 🧐 I need some bubbly joy and horrific sadness to twist my heart into pieces! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same, I am just waiting for someone to write that book, because it would be so epic!
      And yessssssss, I am waiting for S4 V-1 too, but it’s coming a week earlier- my boards end on June 7th, so I sadly can’t binge it as soon as it comes out😭😭😭
      Ahh, thank youu!

      As for the Inside Out excerpt, I am sure I’d butcher it, so I didn’t write one haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh Stranger Things would honestly make such an amazing YA book!! Yes Tall Girl totally
    Loved reading the excerpts, they would make amazing books!🤧

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ahh I love this idea!! and ocean eleven movies would make BRILLIANT books, I especially love ocean’s eight from the franchise so it’d be really cool seeing that adapted into a book!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Stranger Things would be epic to read!
    And I don’t know how many people would recognize these.. but I would be very interested in reading book series on the television shows ‘Haven’ and ‘Dollhouse’.

    Liked by 1 person

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