7 Book Genres/Tropes I CANNOT Get Enough Of

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Everyone has those tropes that they can’t get enough of. They may have one hundred thousand books on the trope, and yet, they aren’t sick of it. I have some too, obviously. And today, to honour those wonderful tropes I’m devoting this post to gushing over them.

*Warning: A very teenagery rant ahead.*

  1. Enemies-to-lovers:
    Imagine this: You step into your college for the first time, your heart full of hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. You look around, imagining yourself in a montage, similar to that of a movie…. when a football knocks your phone out of your hand. You pick it up from the ground, only to find out that the screen has a large crack. You frown and crane your neck to find out the guilty person. You see a tall, brown-haired guy coming, running to you, a smile on his face. You frown and glare at him, and his smile drops off his face.
    “Is this football yours?” You say to him, and he nods, unsure of what to say. “Could you be more careless with it? Look at this.” You say, angrily, thrusting your phone in his face.
    “I am sorry, it was an accident.” He says. “Ughh, whatever.” You say and start to walk off. “I can pay for the repair!” He says, but you ignore him and walk to your classroom, only to find out that he’s there too. You roll your eyes as you enter. He catches that, and says, “Look, we’re probably gonna have to face each other the entire year, let’s just be amicable, if not proper friends.” You ignore him and sit down.
    Your professor comes in, and turns out both of you are to work on the same project since your roll numbers are next to each other. “Awesome.” You think to yourself.
    Sparks fly, and bam! Eighty four days later you have your first kiss and live happily ever after

    Okay, that was highly ideological and obviously doesn’t happen in real life, but one can hope! And if it doesn’t happen in real life, that doesn’t mean we can’t live it through books, right?
    There’s just something magical happening when two people who hate each other or at least pretend to, fall in love.

    P.S.- That’s definitely not a scenario I’ve imagined happening to me.
  2. Boy Bands:
    The world can never have enough Boy Band books, period.
    Also, if anyone knows any single boys who’re in a boy band, point them here please, thank you.

    Okay, so there’s just something about a boy band dynamic that makes them so appealing. The guys fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and chances are you end up getting a boyfriend and brothers. That is a great life relationship thing, okay? I love boy bands, I am sorry😭😭
  3. K-drama like books:
    Okay, honestly, until two months ago, I had no idea what the hype for K-dramas or K-drama like books was, but they’ve grown on me, and I simple love books set in Seoul! I’ve read only a couple, but I already know I NEED to visit Seoul someday! The name of the city is so beautiful too- Seoul.
    Besides, these books are so dramatic- I simply love drama, despite or perhaps because of the lack of it in my life.
  4. Books with accurate Indian rep:
    Okay, these are really rare. Like really really rare. And when you finally find one, oh the joy. Honestly, American authors think three things about Indians- A. All Indian parents are super strict B. Holi is the only festival we celebrate and C. There’s only one culture in India. All three of these are wrong. A. Sure, our parents are strict, but they do have our best interests at heart. And not all parents are strict, some are super lax too! B. NO! We have so many festivals, small ones like Naag Panchami and stuff and larger ones like Rakshabandhan, Diwali etc. What’s more, due to so many different cultures in India- different cultures have different festivals too. For examples, Punjabis celebrate Baisakhi, Malayalis celebrate Onam and so on! Authors generally botch the rep by either not specifying the culture or by mixing multiple of them up!
  5. Mental Health:
    I love books that deal with mental health, even if it’s not the primary focus of the book. I love it. And I have nothing more to say about it.
  6. Road Trips:
    I love books with road trips in them! There’s just something so endearing about bonding with 5 other people and i simply love to read about new places and stuff! It’s so amazing! Of course, this may have to do with the fact that I love road trips too, but road trip books are amazing! But somehow I never end up picking a book knowing it has a road trip I just end up reading and loving them when they come in my way.
  7. Murder of Influencers:
    Okay, these are a type of books that I actively try to find, but can’t. I have read exactly one book of this trope, and I have another that I’ll read for a blog tour, but they sound SO fun! I really do wanna pick up more of these, so here’s to hoping authors write more of these!

What are some of your favourite tropes or genres to read? What are some of your favourite books from the tropes above? Let me know in the comments!

39 thoughts on “7 Book Genres/Tropes I CANNOT Get Enough Of

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      1. Cool, thanks Pooja!
        Also, I wanted to ask you, there’s this one post of mine which is the only post that gets spam comments… is there any way I can stop that from happening? Why does it happen to just that one post?

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      2. I know, I was hoping I could help too but I have never experienced anything like that. Have you tried switching the comments on that post off for a day and then switching them back on. That may help.

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  1. I love books that educate me about other cultures, though I don’t call it “rep.” I’m old-fashioned that way. I also like the book just to allow the reader to explore, not to preach at the reader. So if I smell “rep” + “I’m oppressed and misunderstood” …. I run away fast!

    India is soooo big, complicated, ancient, and has a gazillion ecozones, cultures, and languages! I have read one or two books set there, but I always know that all a single book can do is scratch the surface. If the novel is writing about an Indian family who live in another country (whether Kenya, Singapore, U.S., U.K.,), then you have their particular family history and their unique version of an immigrant experience to layer on top of that. It gets complicated quickly.

    But I always love books that allow the reader to experience another culture. It’s especially brilliant if they are written from the point of view of an insider to that culture, but they introduce world building (for lack of a better term) information in a gradual, natural way, so that the reader who is an outsider is oriented. In my novels, I strive to do with the semi-ficticious culture of the ancient world.

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  2. I’ve apparently never grown out of my angsty teenage years because I, too, am utter trash for the enemies-to-lovers trope 😁🥰 Seriously, that scenario you wrote? I want the whole book now!

    I’m not super excited about any of the others, but there have been a few road trip books I’ve liked (Amy & Roger’s Epoc Detour, Mosquitoland, and Just One Day are currently the only ones I can think of, though I’m sure there were more 😅), and the murder of influencers one sounds really interesting, actually!

    As for my own favorite tropes – I actually have a post on that drafted, but have decided to postpone publishing it for a while, since I literally just did The Trope Tag, don’t want my content to be too repetitive, and also still want to add a few more book recommendations for some of the tropes. So that information is coming, but you might have to have a few months’ worth of patience! 😜😈

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    1. One day, Naemi, one day, you shath get that book. Once I get to the college experience myself, haha!

      Oooh, I’ll check those books out!

      Ah, well, awaiting it eagerly, all the same!

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  3. Enemies to loversssss~~~ just as how sweet it can seem, it will never happen to me 😭 I kind of sob during such books because WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD DO I NOT HAVE THAT LIFE???!! Loved this post, You’ve covered all of my faves!
    And hey, can I get K-Drama like book recs please? I’ve never come across any, I would die to read em 😭😭

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  4. KSADHJSDAHSDH RIDDHI!!! I LOVE THIS!!! and also YES TO ALL OF THEM!! enemies-to-lovers IS SO NICE, like the angst, the tension, THE ‘I SHALL KILL YOU BUT ALSO I LOVE YOU’????? YES PLEASE I AM HERE. i’ve never actually read books of the MURDER OF INFLUENCERS trope? BUT IT SOUNDS REALLY INTERESTING!! also omg accurate indian rep – YES. PLEASE. WE NEED. do you have any recs for it btw?? THANKS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!!!
      Yess, for murders of influencers there’s never coming home and Killer Content and for Indian rep you should check out Beauty and the besharam!
      Thank you so much for reading!

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    Adored this post!!

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