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Book Tag | The Trope Tag

Hey peeps! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, a while ago Ash @Ink Words and Ash created a tag- The Trope Tag! And she was kind enough to tag me, and I’ve decided to give it a go! Let’s get into it!


-mention the creator of the tag and pingback to the original post (Ash @inkwordsandash)
-tag 3+ people
-lastly, enjoy!!

ENEMIES TO LOVERS- a book you formerly hated/disliked but now love!

Aaah, wow, I don’t have an answer for the first question. See, the thing is, if I don’t like a book, why would I read it? I mean, I hold grudges, people! Yes, against books too! Like, I am all for an enemies-to-lovers in books and in real life, but like in real life, it would only work for me, if I didn’t actively loathe the guy/girl, and they just got on my nerves a lot.

SECOND CHANCE-a book you previously did-not-finish but now adore!


Wow, I can’t think of this either! I mean, I’ve always thought that I’d get back to a book I DNF-ed, but I just don’t….? So, um, yeah

LOVE TRIANGLE-a duology where you love both the books

Six of Crows! I do like Crooked Kingdom a little less, as I think that the thing that happened in the end was unnecessary, but I don’t not like it.

FRIENDS TO LOVERS- a book recommended to you that you enjoyed

I was recommended Geekerella by Simran @Far From Perfect, and I really enjoyed it!

INSTA-LOVE- a book you knew you would love (at first sight)

Hmmmm….. Well, I wasn’t sure, but I knew like 75% that I’d love Summer’s Edge by Dana Mele at first sight! And I did!

THE CHOSEN ONE- your all time favourite (of the year/month/[x] genre)

I have to go with Fangirl for this one! It’s my all time favourite novel!

FORBIDDEN LOVE- a loved book you don’t talk about often

Can I go with Fangirl again? No? Well, then I’d have to say….. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green.

SECRET BILLIONAIRE- a book you read and enjoyed before you knew it was popular

I’ll go with All the Bright Places for this one (It’s popular, right?). While I do not like the book anymore, I did read and enjoy it the first time I read it, and didn’t know it was popular.

FOUND FAMILY- your most cherished books!

Hmmm, here’s the list:

  1. Fangirl
  2. Turtles All the Way Down
  3. The Places I’ve Cried in Public
  4. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
  5. One of Us is Lying

I think 5’s enough, but if you want, I can continue the list in the comments :))

FORCED PROXIMITY- a required-reading book you read and enjoyed

Oooooh, there are so many! Anne of Green Gables, Matilda, Uncle Ken, Animal Farm, and I want to say Merchant of Venice, but I am sure most of you’ll judge me. Eh, whatever.

I tag:

  1. Lotus @Pages of Starlight
  2. Madeline @The Bookish Mutant
  3. Selina @Simply Selina
  4. YOU!

And that’s all I’ve for you today! What’s your favourite trope, and what book do you associate with it? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Book Tag | The Trope Tag

Add yours

  1. Yes, Riddhi, show all the love for Shakespeare and the Merchant of Venice! 🤗🤩🤗 Don’t let the haters convince you otherwise!!

    I absolutely love how heartbreaking the Crooked Kingdom ending is, though – so that thing was very necessary! 😭🥰😭

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are amazing!! Even though I preferred the second one THAT ENDING WAS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY AGH
    And ahh geekerella was so much fun!!!
    loved reading this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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