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Discussion Post: A rant about all things 1D.

Yes, I know I am about 12 years late.

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, for the past month, there is this constant warmth in my heart that’s been building up and that warmth is a newfound love for One Direction- yes the megahuge boyband pop sensation that took over the world from 2010-2015.

So, this entire post is going to be divided into a few sections, and we’ll tackle all of them one by one, okay?

Section 1: How it started?

Honestly, I’ve always had a liking for One Direction, like I listened to their music as a group and from when they were solo artists- like all my playlist have at least a couple of songs from them (solo or group). But recently, when Harry’s House came out, I did go on YouTube to you know, watch a couple of Harry’s interviews and stuff, which led to a 1D influenced change on my YouTube feed. This led to me being obsessed with Zarry, but that’s for a later segment. I just like, started listening to their music and stuff, like proper 1D music, and I just was like, that’s some awesome music. I started watching YT clips and edits of them and I am like these seem like five really cool people. Liam Payne’s recent interview with Logan Paul (I think?) also added fuel to the fire. Like I hate some of the stuff he said on the podcast, but my news feed brought it up, and I was like, hmm, interesting.

Section 2: The boys as individual people

I’ll be honest, I love the diversity of the group, as far as the boys are concerned- personality wise. And no, I am not talking about the image the media created- Harry as a womanizer and everything. I genuinely admire the guys as individual people, especially Niall and Harry as all of them seem like really cool people.

Section 3: Zarry Stylik

I know a lot of people are Larries, but honestly I do not see a romantic chemistry between Harry and Louis. I mean, I don’t know what happened in those five years, but I am pretty sure that there was at least one relationship that really messed up the group’s dynamics and may have led to the ‘hiatus’. And for me that relationship is Zarry. I won’t go into detail, but do check out Aarin Durham’s YT channel to know why I believe so. And I genuinely genuinely hope that one day the truth comes out in an Evelyn Hugo sort of manner. Like I don’t want any of them to get hurt, and obviously none of them are entitled to telling us about their private lives, but I just wish I could know. I swear I won’t even tell anyone.

Section 4: Their music

I don’t care what anyone says, but the last three albums were so much better than the first two. Like they definitely had developed into better musicians.
But I genuinely wish we could have gotten an album that was written just by the five of them, because I listen to their music as solo artists, and it’s very different from the band’s music, so I think if all of them came together now and wrote and performed it would be pretty epic. Like yeah. Unity in diversity sorta thing, you know?

I also think Louis Tomlinson’s music is so underrated. Like I genuinely love his voice and his lyrics- he’s a great songwriter. Harry, Zayn and Niall have their fair amount of fame, but Louis Tomlinson definitely should be more well known.

Section 5: The ‘dark’ side of 1D

It’s often said 1D was a brand and not a band. Like all of them were mistreated and controlled very much, and I hate that for them. Like obviously the band gave them all fame, but it didn’t happen in the right way and that genuinely makes me feel very sad- a group of such talented individuals going through such stuff.

Section 6: Prospects of a reunion

All the members have said that they wouldn’t mind a reunion. At this point, I don’t even care if it’s a reunion, I just wish all of them came together and had zero beef.


Moreover, I doubt any of their fans who are all now grown up, will even except them to make ‘generic’ music as they did, since we’re all now familiar with their music and don’t really expect them to make the kind of music they used to.

I literally won’t even mind if the guys just occasionally got together and collaborated to make some music. Like you know, a new song every six months or something like that. By all means, do your own thing, but also give a little something to your fans, pwease?

Section 7: My favourite members as solo artists

Okay, Harry and Niall are my favourites. Their music is great for one thing. But Niall is so unproblematic?? Like obviously he dates people and must have broken a few hearts (Because, come on, he’s Niall!), but I literally haven’t seen a single controversy that surrounds him- dating or otherwise. Harry did have a few controversies and stuff (Maybe it was PR?) but he’s become such a good and sweet person? His concerts genuinely are a vibe! Like I haven’t seen anyone interacting with the fans during concerts as much as he does. And his voice is so soothing- petition for him to start a podcast. And he can literally pull any outfit off? How? And both of their music is so good, I genuinely love it!

Zayn and Louis are also tied for the second position- I feel like both of them have been through a lot of stuff, but they still like try to be good people? Which I feel is the most important thing. And honestly Louis’ music is soo good! Like apparently he’s the least successful member of the band with 4M monthly Spotify listeners, and I was- whaaat, how the hell is it not Liam?
Zayn’s latest album was a bit too sexual for my taste, but he does make good music.

And now’s the time for the bitter sort of truth- I do not like Liam. He might have been a nice guy and everything, but he’s done some pretty shitty stuff. Saying Harry’s got a weird sense of dressing? Saying everything he did on the Logan Paul podcast. I am pretty sure he’s the reason 1D won’t reunite. And how the hell is he more successful than Louis? Like Louis genuinely has better music than him- Liam is literally just pop and not much depth, but Louis’ Walls, Always You? And Louis’ voice is superior, you cannot change my mind.
I don’t know I just feel like Liam’s just an attention seeker, especially based on half the comments he makes. And literally who names their child Bear? It’s like he wants his kid to be bullied!

Okay, I’ll stop. But we do need more Harries and Nialls in the world.

Um, that’s about it, I guess? I genuinely hope the best for all the guys! Are you a Directioner? Let me know in the comments!


35 thoughts on “Discussion Post: A rant about all things 1D.

Add yours

  1. ohmygod! i totally agree with your louis points!! his songwriting is amazing🤩🤩and about the way he is less successful than liam.. that is just upsetting🥺

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    1. I know right! And the thing is, sure he badmouthed Zayn in 2016-17, but he doesn’t badmouth anyone from the band anymore- he definitely has matured- whereas Liam…. Is a source of Payne (pain- pun intended lol) for everyone

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  2. Me a directioner!!!!
    But you made me a limelight 🙂.
    Now i just one d good. Lol.
    Louis is my fav! I used to be so pissed whenever he didn’t get enough love lol. And i used to be a massive larry shipper. I don’t ship them anymore but i believe that it was something that existed. The number of YouTube clips that I’ve seen prove it and nobody can change my mind bwahahahaha *evil laughter*
    Ngl Liam is my least fav too but just because of preference, i have no idea what happened at the Logan Paul podcatm
    Awesome post!

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    1. Well being a limelight and a directioner is amazing lol.
      And well, idk i feel like larry might have been something in 2010-2012 but then Zarry started, because the signs are there! I ll send you clips of Zarry that ll change your mind!

      Just watch/listen to the podcast, you ll be pulling out your hair by the end of it


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  3. …zarry?
    But- how –
    to each their own, I guess?
    yess I love Niall as a solo artist. He makes the best music out of all them in my opinion, but I love louis’ and Harry’s music as well. Liam and zayn’s releases aren’t really my style it I felt really guilty for not listening to them😂
    I’m so happy you’ve gotten into 1D! my current obsession is probably 5 seconds of summer. It feels amazing to be stanning a band that’s still together 💙😭

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    1. Also, as much as I don’t want this to be true – it’s highly unlikely we get a reunion. especially now with the drama with Liam throwing shade at the other members…and saying he OUTSOLd their albums??

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      1. Yeah I agree- like idk but the reason a 1D reunion doesn’t happen is prolly gonna be Liam because he literally is speaking much more than he should! Just my opinion though- and all we can do is hope they sort their differences and reunite


    2. There are countless clips- Just watch Aaron Durham’s YT channel and you ll understand.

      And I mean, I am not really biased towards Niall, Harry or Louis’ music- I feel like all three of them make equally good music in their own genres.
      Ahh yess I enjoy listening to 5sos too!
      Thanks for reading Evin!

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  4. I’m not fans of the 1d members individually but as a group they’ve got a hell of a lot of catchy old songs that stay in your mind 24/7, no wonder I used to be kind of obsessed with them.
    Great post!!

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  5. I enjoy 1D! I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but 1D as a group had some great songs! And I do enjoy some of the individual music as well. Also I’ve seen clips from Harry’s performances and you’re absolutely right. He’s concerts seem like a complete vibe!

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  6. I genuinely hope that Liam is doing okay. In previous interviews, he’s talked about his struggles with depression and substance abuse. Especially in the early years of his solo career it felt like he was with a team that didn’t really care for his well-being and what I’m seeing now is reminding me of that. So for me, it’s not Liam’s behaviour that would be the cause of 1D not reuniting but rather, the toll it could take on him to be part of 1D again. All the members have spoken out about it at one point or another, but I think Liam’s been one of the loudest.

    I also feel like Harry’s solo team is… money-grabby if that makes sense? And they may not let him rejoin with 1D because it means he can’t promote solo (during his time with 1D). Like of course, all of them are with teams and labels that want them to make money for them (back to the 1D as brand, but solo) but with Harry it seems especially forced. Like with the expensive merch that isn’t actually that quality, or doing a bunch of shows in a few cities only which is most likely cheaper to organize for them.

    I saw both Harry and Louis live and I actually preferred Louis’ show. It was a smaller venue so it felt more closer, but also it had a LOT of energy and I feel like that’s… missing from Harry’s shows now? I don’t really know how to describe it.

    I haven’t really kept up with Niall and his music so I can’t say much about that. I like his music but it seems like his team isn’t really doing much for him?

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    1. I hope Liam’s doing okay too, but I have to say, I am not okay with how he’s shading the other members, and literally putting himself on a pedestal. I feel like he genuinely needs time off to figure out who he is.

      I mean, honestly, I haven’t looked into the merch thing or the cities in which he’s performing- like I know he’s performing at the moment, but I don’t know which cities- but considering the fact that Harry is super famous and successful as compared to all the other members of 1D- it might make sense. Like, I am not saying he makes bad music, but whenever he releases an album you definitely hear about it more than about all the other guys.

      And I’ll have to take your word for that, because I haven’t seen either of their shows live (I haven’t seen any of them live, actually😅) but the small venue thing makes sense- like Harry’s obviously able to interact only with people who’re in the front, but the clips of those interactions are super sweet- and that’s what I based my judgement on.

      Yeah, that’s true- I mean I enjoy his music, but I feel like it hasn’t been publicized enough- I feel that the same’s for Louis’ music because his music is great, and yet he’s considered the least successful person of 1D.

      Thanks so much for sharing your views Mint!!


  7. I’m not a directioner but I do like their music. I don’t listen to 1D as a group that often bcuz honestly I like to listen to current artists and I like them as a group more than being solo artists.
    But I must say, I’ve become a big fan of Harry since last year. I love his personality! And of course, he’s a fabulous artist. I rarely listen to Niall and Liam because I personally don’t like them much.
    I enjoy listening to Louis. His songs are too good. And Zayn is an amazing singer. I’m not a fan of him but his songs are really unique and some are kinda addictive.

    Loved reading this post, Riddhi!

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    1. I understand where you’re coming from- like I literally listen to Four and Made in the A.M., and a couple of tracks from Midnight memories- I am not a huge fan of their first two albums!
      And Harry does have such a bright, sunshine personality- I am in love with his voice! Like if he starts a podcast, I am listening to it, because his voice is so calming! Also, howww, how do you not like Niall?? He is such a sweet guy- just watch his interviews- especially the ones with James Corden and anne Marie! I agree about Liam though.
      Yess, Louis’ music is really nice- I mean his voice is so… idek how to describe it, but it’s really nice
      Yeahh, agree about Zayn, but I just feel that he is wayy too closed off, which makes him come across as a rude and arrogant person- I don’t like the fact that he shaded some of the members sometimes, but well, to be fair except Niall and Harry, all of them have shaded each other. But yes, some of Zayn’s music is good.

      Thanks Poorwa!

      P.S.- Please watch Niall’s interviews, he is a such a sweet guy- like I genuinely like him- not in a crush way- in a brotherly way. And if you need recs for his music, let me know, I’ll give plenty of those too!

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  8. I hands down agree that Louis’ music is underrated! Also, as much as I love 1D’s first two albums, I agree that their last three were way better. I never thought about Niall being the least controversial member, makes sense though. He’s such a nice guy!

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