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Reacting to Rumours about my Reading Life!

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So back in May I had asked you guys to let me know stuff you thought about how I am as a reader, and here I am (finally) reacting to them!

Also, some of you sent in your assumptions on Instagram, but I can’t find them right now, and I apologize for that! Please leave your assumptions in the comments, and I’ll react to them!

Let’s get into it! (Assumptions are in bold, my reactions in normal font)

Shivi’s Assumptions!

I would say you are a sophisticated reader like you underline the part of a chapter you find interesting and worth remembering.
And you use those tabs on your book.

I actually don’t annotate my books, like at all, although I think I might start doing it someday as I find the idea quite interesting- it’s like preserving a part of you in every book you read. But then I am very lazy to actually sit with an underliner and tabs- so yeah.

You haven’t read Harry Potter

*gasps* I mention it on my blog quite often, why would you think that? I have read Harry Potter- I read it when I was in Grade 6!

Jahnavi’s Assumptions:

I think you are one of those readers who cares about their book very much, like you are always careful that all your books are not dusty and you make sure they are all in the perfect condition they can be.

I actually have so many books, and they are like stacked since they’re in a shelf of my cupboard, so no, I don’t really make sure they are all in the perfect condition. I do care about all of them very much, and cherish them very much, I just can’t keep track of every single of them.

I think you are one of those book lovers who like to arrange their bookshelf in colour coded ways.

Not really, I’ve arranged them genre-wise.

Shansita’s Assumptions:

I guess you haven’t yet read A little life by Hanya Yanagihara.

That is correct. Is it a good book?

You won’t befriend anyone who hates reading.

That is untrue. I will do everything in my power to befriend them and bring them over to the reader side.

Sometimes you unconsciously tend to judge books by their cover!

Uhh, yeah I do, actually.

I try not to, but like sometimes I do end up judging them by their cover, because I feel that the cover tells you a lot about the author and the book. Like the book’s cover definitely tells you the genre, and stuff like that.

Sajida’s Assumptions:

You have a long tbr list.

I mean, who doesn’t?

You like the smell of new books.

Yess, but not as much as I like the smell of old books!

You organize your books by genre.

That is indeed correct.

Akshita’s Assumptions:

I think you organize your books author-wise.

Okay, this is kinda true, because like once I arrange them genre-wise I arrange them author-wise. Like, for example in my mysteries section- all Agatha Christies are together, then Holly Jacksons and so on.

You have a ranking about favourite books: like 1st, 2nd and 3rd amongst favourites.

I actually don’t. Like, it depends on the genre, and sometimes even within the genre I won’t be able to choose one book over the other. I love multiple books.

Writeflow’s Assumptions:

You like young adult

Yess, it’s my favourite genre!

You are not really into fiction or maybe just little bit.

I love fiction! I literally don’t read non-fiction, even though I should.

You love to finish books as soon as possible so that you can review them.

I mean, yeah? Like I love to finish books as soon as possible, but I don’t necessarily review them as soon as I finish them. I do like writing reviews as it’s like a preservation of my thoughts!

You choose books by seeing covers.

*In Dumbledore’s voice* Yes, and no. Like I pick a book if I like the cover, but I don’t buy/download/request it until I have read and liked the blurb.

You don’t re-read a book.

I do reread my favourite books occasionally! I try to reread Harry Potter annually even though I didn’t last year. I also reread my favourite books whenever I am in a slump.

Ash’s Assumptions:

I feel that you
-get into reading slumps fast

Um, I get into one every six-seven months usually, I don’t know if that’s slow or fast🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

-slow & steady reader

That depends on the book really- like if it’s YA Romances, I end up finishing them quite quickly but if it’s like an Agatha Christie mystery it takes me a good 5-7 days to finish one.

-organised tbr

If by organised you mean a Goodreads TBR which I really need to clean since I won’t enjoy half the books on there, and a physical TBR which I need to get rid of since it has books I bought in April 2021, then yes. It’s very organised.

Aria’s Assumption:

One assumption I have about you as a reader is that you almost never use bookmarks, and instead just use really random things.

I use bookmarks occasionally but when I don’t, I just remember the page number. I don’t think I’ve ever really used random stuff.

And that’s it for this post! If in case you missed the post, let me know in the comments what you assume about my reading life!


16 thoughts on “Reacting to Rumours about my Reading Life!

Add yours

    1. It’s the most sensible way to arrange books- I mean colour coding and alphabetical order makes no sense to me, because all the books of different genres and authors will be scattered!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am offended on your behalf that anyone could think you hadn’t read Harry Potter – seriously, how could they?! 🤯 But, Riddhi, you obviously have the best method of bookshelf organization! (Nope, this compliment is completely unrelated to me organizing mine the same way 😁)

    My assumption though, is that you are gravely wrong about YA being a genre 😜 It’s an age category!! 😇 And also, I assume that you’ve never really been interested in reading self-help books and don’t see the point of them when you could be reading fiction. Finally, I assume you won’t read and watch Heartstopper this year.

    (In other words: Prove me wrong on that last one, please? 😭🥺🙃)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly! Thank you so much, I know, it’s an awesome method!

      YA can also be classified as a genre! A very broad one, sure, but it’s a genre! And an age category!
      I mean, if it’s fiction as well- something like The Midnight Library, I’ll probably enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a proper self-help book.
      I plan to! For sure!! But I am just busy doing other stuff right now, and I’ve ARCs to read, so it’ll take a while, but I do plan to get to it eventually!

      Liked by 1 person

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