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Reacting to Bookish Memes! | Take 8

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, right? *Checks website*- Yep the last one was about six months ago, in January. But considering the fact that the condition of the world seems pretty bleak right now, with governments falling all around, wildfires and whatnot, I believe memes would be great stress relievers!

Let’s get into these! I picked all of these from Pinterest.

Number 1:

Okay, this is so accurate, for my phone and my book both. I always place them under my pillow, but somehow they’re almost always missing? And then I pick up the blanket and swish it (That’s what it’s called, I guess? I dunno) and bam, I find them.

Number 2:

Okay, but again, this was such a personal attack??? Like, these days, I tend to watch YouTube or some series for some time and then I read and then I sleep, so whenever it’s like 12:11, for example, I am like- I’ll stop at 12:15, and then conveniently I’ll see the time at 12:16, and be like, oops, I’ll have to stop at 12:30. And this goes on until I know that I need to sleep.

Number 3:

….. Do I even need to explain?

Number 4:

For real, though!! Like the price of everything is up right now, but it pains when the price of books is up!! And like for normal books it’s fine, because you get them for free online, but for essential books (aka textbooks) it’s even more painful, because you need them!

Number 5:

Okay, but seriously how is this so accurate? Like so so so many books have the NYT bestseller tag, I used to be so confused and then I found out about the different categories, and I was like ohhhh, that makes sense

Number 6:

I am crazy…. but then I am not.

Number 7:

Look, you like watching movies? Great! I do too! But you do NOT insult my babies books! They are part of my soul, and if you insult them, you destroy a (large) part of my soul, and you don’t want to be soul-destroyer, do you? hm.

And that was it for this post! Which meme was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


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