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Never Have I Ever- Bloggers’ Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, recently I came across a post at the blog My Rollercoaster Journey, and they had created a Never Have I Ever- Bloggers Edition! It looked so fun, that I had to give it a go!

Never Have I Ever- Blogger Edition:

1. Published a post without revising it

I have, I do this all. the. time. I am usually in a hurry to post, so I end up publishing posts without revising them.

2. Published a post without pictures

Oh, yeah. Especially in the initial phase of my blogging. I usually do have featured images now, and the sign off too, but again, when I am short of time, I post without photos in the actual post.

3. Stayed up all night writing a post

Err, not exactly. I mean, I have stayed up at night reading a book, and I occasionally post stuff after reading them, but I haven’t stayed up at night for the sole purpose of writing a post.

4. Copy pasted a post entirely

Never Ever Ever!

5. Went more than a week without posting

Oh yeah, I have taken hiatuses. I try not to, but it’s inevitable at times.

6. Blogged on a topic just because it was trending

I think I have? But I don’t quite remember.

7. Commented on another person’s blog just to promote myself

No, I don’t think so. I have left my blog’s links on a couple of blogs, when they asked in their post to do so, but never like- Hey, follow me.

8. Published a post with no links inside

Yeah, definitely!

9. Pushed yourself to blog when you didn’t feel like it

Yeah, I mean there are times when I am just not in the mood to do anything and I still posted just for the sake of consistency.

10. I’m out of ideas but there have to be 10 questions, so adding a random number to a list just so the list can be 5 items or 10 items

Oh, yeah, for sure. I have made multiple lists, and I try to end them at 5,10,11 or 13 or 17. So, yeah.

I checked off 7 out of 10! How many did you check off? Let me know in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever- Bloggers’ Edition

Add yours

  1. I have not published a post without revising it

    I have published a post without pictures(when i just began writing)

    I have not stayed up all night writing a post

    I have not copy pasted an entire post

    I have gone more than a week without any posts

    I have not posted on a topic just because it’s trending

    I have not commented on another persons blog to promote myself

    I have published a post without links

    I have pushed myself to post when I don’t feel like it…to keep a consistency level

    I think I have

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  2. This was a fun tag. I think I have done 5 of these so I related to a few of your answers. They have definitely been times when I have pushed myself to blog– it definitely became a habit, instead of a love. But I feel like I have a better relationship will my blog now. 😊

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  3. This is such a fun tag and it was really interesting to read your answers, Riddhi! 🤗 Here’s my own attempt:

    1) Never 🤯 I always revise my posts about 50 million times!
    2) Most definitely 😁 Like you, I especially did this when starting out…
    3) Not all night… 😅 I think the latest I’ve ever stayed up to blog is until about 3 a.m.
    4) Only to Microsoft Word and back for spellchecking purposes 😁 Does that count?
    5) Oh yeah, I’ve done this 😂
    6) Not on purpose. Maybe if I thought the topic was interesting it happened accidentally 🤔
    7) Nope
    8) Loads of times – who needs links anyway? 🤷🏼‍♀️
    9) Literally all the time 😅
    10) Yeah, I’ve done this – in my blogging advice post! 😇

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