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Bookish Quiz #9 | Which Locked Room Mystery Should I Read Next?

Hey Guys!! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

I enjoy reading a good locked room mystery. They are fun and intriguing and bring my heart rate to a fat burning rate. So, I thought why don’t I ask Bookriot for a recommendation?

Here’s the link for the quiz!

Question 1:

I like them like scary to the point of one or two gruesome murders, nothing else. Nothing.

Question 2:

Hey, I’ll be going through a stressful situation, might as well get some love out of it, right?

Question 3:

What good is a mystery without a little thrill?

Question 4:

Who’s better than the queen of crime herself?

Question 5:

As cringe as it sounds, I would enjoy visiting various big cities such as Tokyo, Paris, New York etc.

Question 6:

I picked the Girl Next Door because they’re rarely the suspect, right?

And the results….

Ooh it sounds intriguing!

What book were you recommended? What’s your favourite mystery novel? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Bookish Quiz #9 | Which Locked Room Mystery Should I Read Next?

Add yours

  1. I got South Seas Shenanigans – I’ve never heard of it, but it does sound kinda intriguing 🤔

    Anyway, this was so much fun to read, Riddhi! I particularly enjoyed your reasoning regarding your sexy sidekick 😂 (Although I want someone streetsmart. Because if I’m in a mystery, I’m gonna need someone to keep me from dying. Detectives are always in danger of being murdered!)

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  2. Ooh, I vibe with your answers so much! I think if I were to take the quiz, my answers would be nearly identical to yours! Scary but not too scary. A sidekick who may or may not turn into a love interest. And Agatha Christie!! You picked great answers. 😉

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