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Discussion Post | Types of People You Meet in the First Two Weeks of College

That is weirdly specific to me, but we’re flowing with it!

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, it’s been a while since I did one of these posts, hasn’t it? But I was literally doing a college assignment (Yes, this person a.k.a me who literally has the mental age of six is now in college, just in case you missed it in my monthly wrap up and the dozens of other posts I mentioned it in. Whew, that was a long sentence). Anyway, I was doing a college assignment, and after ages, literal ages, I got a mildly creative idea, and I knew I had to write it down immediately! So, a 500 word essay on smartphones has been put aside and I am now going to write a word limit-less essay on the Types of People You Meet in the First Two Weeks of College.

  1. The First Glance Friends: The ones you know you’ll be friends with at the first glance.
    Okay, you’ve probably heard of love at first sight, but I’ll tell you that’s overrated (and unrealistic), but I’ll also tell you what’s underrated- Friendship at first sight! I don’t know about you but I judge people at the first sight and sometimes I get immaculate vibes from people and I look at them and I’m like- you might be cool, and thus, you might become my friend, and thus I shath talk to you! I have just had like one person who I was like this with, but hopefully there shall be more!
  2. The Orientationers: The ones you meet during orientation
    Until now, the majority of my friends, like close ones from college, are the ones I met in orientation. I don’t know if they like, like me (Big surprise: I overthink and think about all the weird things I do and then realise that oh, people probably don’t like me), but they at least pretend to, and I like them, so it’s been working out great thus far. Here’s to hoping they stay friends with me for the next four years🥂
  3. The I-Know-You-But-I-Don’t: The ones whose faces you remember but not the name, or vice versa
    I suck at remembering both. Like, people literally introduce themselves and if they aren’t interesting enough, or if I don’t have to work with them for a project, I will forget them. I have two brain cells and if I spend one and a half of them remembering people’s names, I’ll be doomed.
  4. The Socialites: The ones with so much social energy that they sometimes make me wonder if there’s something wrong with me
    Oh. My. God. You guys, one of my friends from college is so social, that she already knows every other person. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it seems true. And I am in literal awe, because if I spent so much time talking to people I would die. Of exhaustion.
  5. The ‘Stay-Away-From-Me’ Vibers: Me.
    Okay, so, look. I have made friends with people. I have at least 5 people I can call friends, and they won’t be like, who? me? And that is a huge thing for me. So, now, I have officially started giving out “Stay Away From Me” vibes. I like me a peaceful life, and if I become friends with more people, I know I won’t be able to give time to the people I am already friends with, and I’d rather have less friends who I know will be there than many who I know are superficial. Hence, I have started giving out ‘Stay Away From Me’ vibes.
    Apparently, those make me scary and intimidating. But people 👏still👏don’t👏stay👏away👏
  6. The Leeches: The ones who stick to you like leeches (Duh, I had to mention an animal)
    Oh God, I hate these people. These people stick to you like they have nowhere else to be and no one else to be with. There’s this one guy who’s like the impersonation of a leech. Towards me at least. And I am tired of sending out the previously mentioned vibes. I have literally kind of insulted him (on accident, I am not mean- like the insult came out subconsciously) and he still won’t go away. People who have been to college- I need advice on how to push people away- 17 years of pushing people away did NOT prepare me for this.
  7. The Helpful Seniors: It means exactly that
    Okay, so. I literally have zero idea on what to say here, because the title says it all. Seniors are genuinely very helpful in our college, and there’s no ragging and stuff which is a good thing, because I am not made for violence. Ooooh, I made friends with a senior, who wasn’t like you know, supposed to be our friend- like during orientation, there were two seniors who were supposed to guide us and stuff, I made a friend outside of that, and I am proud. She even said hi to me when she saw me in the cafeteria. I am so happy. I know you probably don’t even care.
  8. The Friend of a Friend: Again, it means exactly that
    So, my social circle has increased because I now know people who are friends of friends and thus sit on the same table and thus are forced to talk to me and thus are now friends with me.
  9. The ‘You seem smart’ Kind: And then proceeds to ask you for an assignment
    Okay, so, I am smart. Enough. And I unwillingly show it when professors ask stuff (Class participation has marks and I like looking good in front of professors- A curse and a boon), and people notice that. And then they’re like, huh, this person is smart. And then whenever there’s like a quiz and stuff, they’re like, hey can you sit next to me. I am not kidding, I literally entered the class on the day of a quiz and ten different people asked me if I would sit next to them. I am also not bragging, I am just kind of tired of stuff like this, and I just kind of want to rant without seeing the other person judge me. Like you might be judging me, but at least I won’t see you do it.
  10. The Pop Twin: You are a Swiftie? Me tooo!
    Okay, so see the thing is that I have met a- you guessed it- Swiftie!! She isn’t as intense as I am, but she still loves TS, and that’s what’s important. I have also met One Direction stans and Harry Styles stans, so yesss, I have met pop twins! I haven’t met a Why Don’t We stan yet though, and that is a pity.
  11. The Odd Romantics: The ones who somehow are already dating
    Yes, two weeks, barely two weeks, and people are asking each other out, and people haven’t said yes yet, but it’s a matter of time and people will say yes, and meanwhile I’ll enjoy the drama that will definitely come along. This also brings me to another topic.
  12. The Dramatics: The ones who have SO. MUCH. DRAMA.
    I genuinely feel bad for these people sometimes because they have so much drama, and I don’t know how they deal with it, because I genuinely wouldn’t be able to.
  13. The Overeager Smartasses:
    These are the kind of people you’ll know if you have one in your class, not if they are just in your social circles. These people are very smart but at the same time kind of annoying, because they don’t let you speak! I have had a cough for the past week or so, so I haven’t ben able to put these people in their place either. It hurt :((
  14. The Ambivert: The ones who are an extrovert with their friends but an introvert otherwise
    I feel like a lot of people, including me, are ambiverts in college. Like, no one in college makes an effort to talk to you or like goes out of their way to do that either, unless you are a friend so yeah.
  15. The Memories: The ones you know you’ll always remember
    I mean, I have made core memories of my college experience, so I know that I’ll remember the people I’ve made friends with now, even if I end up not being friends with them at the end of four years for some dramatic traumatic reason.

And those were 15 types of people I met in the first two weeks of college! Did you guys meet such people too? Let me know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Types of People You Meet in the First Two Weeks of College

Add yours

  1. Whew, you just reminded me I start college in 3 weeks. It’s insane.

    I love the concept of First Glance Friends and I can confirm it is totally true. One time I met a guy at a party that was from my school but we’d never spoken before and we talked for about an hour and I just thought: “This dude has the potential to become one of my best friends.” His vibes were immaculate.

    I am also terrible with names and faces. With names in particular because it’s like my brain spaces out for the exact two seconds it takes someone new to tell me their name. And then, how do I ask them for it again? With my social anxiety? Nope, no way.

    And I get what you mean with the “you seem smart” thing. I was the smart kid in highschool and you spoke to my soul. I don’t intend to change the way I act or exteriorize in college but I hope I can be more firm with people who want to profit off me.

    And I hope I can make as many new friends as you have in the first two weeks. I am also a bit of an ambivert and I’m honestly excited to get to know new people. But also anxious about it.

    This post was great to read and I will definitely return to it when I start college as well.

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    1. College is insane! But yeah the fact that college has started is insane too.


      Exactly, I know right, I just avoid the person until eternity, lol

      Yess, I hope so too!

      Aaah, don’t worry, you’ll be fine!

      Thanks, I hope you relate to the good ones!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I’ve been in college almost a month and feel like I’m still settling in. Also, First Friends at Glance is really true, and oh my God, I know the attention you get when you’re the class smartie. It’s not bragging and it is what it is, but everytime I get people around me during tests asking me to help them out, I get the urge to ghost each and everyone because it happened with me throughout school and I’m sick of it. There’s this only guy I talk to, because Arts literally has like 20/100 boys and this was the only one who talked to me, so for the first two days we talked all nice and now everyday he comes up to me saying he needs my help, sometimes with an assignment, sometimes a test, and at first I did help him out but he’s like getting over on it, and I’m trying to stop it because I have my own stuff to do as well. This post was sooo relatable to read, and I’m so glad you got this idea. Also, I’ve my test today so wish me luck! 😉

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    1. Exactly, it’s so annoying when people are like- Sit beside me or some random stuff like that.

      OH MY GOD SAME. I am literally on the verge of ghosting every single person I talk to.

      Ugh, leeches.

      Aah, I am glad you enjoyed! And I hope your test went well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Some people really don’t get the Leave-me-alone vibes we give off. And leeches are the worst of them. For me, I don’t have much problem if they ask to sit besides me, it’s when I’m sitting on the outside and they tell me to shift inside, like no I’m not moving.😭🙄

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  3. Haha I’m literally writing my final year dissertation for my bachelor’s degree right now and you are sooo right about all of these people! And I am not judging you for your experiences with the “omg you seem so smart” people because I was in the same boat! I literally had a guy in high school who never talked to me once ask me for my (very good and visual) notes for our final biology exam. I generally don’t mind sharing notes and work but I hate when people only play nice to get my resources, it always makes me feel really icky.

    Also re the ” I Know you but I don’t”,,,I had a guy come into my work to get some DVDs (I work at my institute’s media library) and I KNEW I knew him from orientation as well,,,but that was 4 years ago and I haven’t seen his face for like 3 years on campus so I couldn’t remember his name. Luckily, he had to give me his last name for our records so I could just google him 😂

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    1. Aaah, well, I am glad I have gotten to know the nature of people so early on in college!

      Thank youu, I am so happy so many people relate to what I am feeling! And yess, that’s true!


      Thanks so much for reading and commenting Lay!


  4. The First Glance Friends are so accurate! Although I also have my suspicions that they might be a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of introvert thing because, like, once I’ve managed to pluck up the courage to talk to a few people who seem nice, why should I bother with others? That would mean more social interactions with strangers! 🤯 So I just cling close to my people without ever bothering to see whether second-glance friends might deserve a chance, too…

    And gosh, the combo of “You Seem Smart” Person + Leech is literally the worst thing ever!! Especially since I can never bring myself to actually be downright rude to them, so they NEVER leave 😭 However, luckily, math is a pretty tough major, which means most people who weren’t actually smart themselves either quit before the end of term or failed their exams and quit then – so the problem sorta solved itself, I guess? 😁😈

    And lol, the overeager smartasses always annoyed the crap out of me, too, because I felt like all they wanted was for everyone else to think that they were such geniuses that we should feel graced by their godly presence 🙄 Especially since participation does not matter in most German university classes, so they had absolutely no reason to go on and on and on!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!!!! Like I have enough friends, I do not want to talk to anymore people!!
      Yesss, I agree!!

      I knowwwwww, it’s so annoying, ughhhhhhhhhh!!!
      Yeah, but we have like a foundation thing where people from all majors are together, including some very dumb people (sorry not sorry)

      Ugh, yess, it’s so bad!!!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Naemi!

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  5. Interesting look at collage life.
    I think those types fit in in any situation with kids. Camp, I went to camp and the boy who rode with me on the way there had a girlfriend by the first night! We had been there for like 6 hours! It was crazy. 🤣

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