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Book Review | Heartstopper Volumes 1-4

I bought into the hype. I did not regret it.

Okay, fine I’ll give a proper intro and everything. Ugh.

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I finally bought four volumes of Heartstopper altogether, having faith, in well, everyone who’s ever recommended the book to me. There was a discount at the bookstore, I was passing by, I got a good deal, you know I had to buy them, so um, I bought them. Moreover, I had always wanted to read these in paperback, so it was like God’s sign that I should buy them.

And I ended up devouring the four volumes in four nights. Did I lose sleep since there was a festival going on and I had to wake up early? Yes, of course I did. Do I have any regrets? No, of course I don’t.

Anyway, onto the review!


Okay, so for volumes 1 and 2, I felt that the plot was like just your basic cliched gay love story, and I’ll admit, I thought they were just a teeny bit overrated. Like Volumes 1 and 2 have a solid four star rating from me

But Volumes 3 and 4, oh my god. They were cuteness overloaded. But they also covered aspects I love reading about like mental health. And I was all for it.

Also, the art, oh my god, the art was so good.


5/5! I mean, Nick and Charlie were obviously very awesome, but I loved the secondary characters and their development. I love Tori, especially from Solitaire and I loved seeing her in these novels. Everyone was really well portrayed.

Writing Style? The Art?:

Well, it was amazing. I mean, it’s Alice Oseman, so it’s bound to be amazing. And I just found out she’s just 28, which is crazy, because she’s a global phenomenon. I can just hope and dream to be as successful as she is.

Okay, so I am off to watch the series (well, not quite literally right now, but I plan to watch it, I swear). If you haven’t already go read all four volumes right now!!!


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