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Discussion Post | Differences between School and College

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, it’s been a while since I posted stuff about college or my experiences from college, and one day I was randomly reminiscing about school, and I realised how much things have changed in the past few months. And well, whenever there’s something that I want to talk about and I can find no one to talk about the topic, you know I come here.

So, let’s get into it!

1. Teaching and learning method:
Like the big nerd I am, you know I had to start here. Okay, so there is genuinely a big difference between attending classes in school and classes in college. I, for one, attended classes in school to learn about stuff, but in college it’s more about attendance and staying in touch with aforementioned stuff, aka, studies. Like, at least until now, a lot of the stuff is something I can kind of learn by myself, and like, we get the material and everything, so it’s not really a big deal.
Moreover, in school, teachers gave a f*** about what you’re doing, whereas in college that’s not the case in majority of my classes, which honestly, fine by me.
And lectures are like an hour and a half long, as opposed to forty minute periods and school, and I have to say- not really liking this system. Forty minute periods are supreme. No one and no thing can change my mind.
Anyway, school is much better than college in this aspect, period.

2. Friendships:
Friendships have changed a lot, for me personally. Like, I don’t know but they take more effort and don’t at the same time? Like I have fun with my friends, but they are a lot more socially exhausting.
Also, you meet new people like literally every day.
Another thing that’s changed for me in friendships is the amount of calls. My school friends and I preferred texting over calling- like we had video calls, but there were no random calls, which was okay with me, because anytime anybody randomly calls me I get a mini heart attack. Which implies I get a lot of these nowadays, because all of my college friends prefer calling over texting. And the introvert in me goes- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
And the number of friends, oh my god, so many friends. I am not complaining, but so. many. friends.
And I also miss my school friends because like there’s just a sense of familiarity with them that’s just not there with most of the college peeps. And like all the school friends are so far far, it’s sad.

3. Responsibilities and Independence:
Okay, I knew this would happen, so I was like prepared, but it’s still kind of freeing and overwhelming at the same time. Like I use my own vehicle to travel, financial responsibilities etc. are kind of freeing, and I like it. In school, this wasn’t the case, and I feel like a proper adult (even though I am not one yet. Side note: Gonna turn 18 in 20 days and I am totally not freaking out.)

4. Relationships:
SIKE! I was single af majority of the time in school, and I still am, lol.

5. Me:
Okay, I have changed a lot. For one thing, I am not as dedicated to blogging, as I used to be, and I feel so bad and guilty I am no longer giving quality content to you guys. I am so sorry guys😭😭
But except that, I feel like I have become more guarded but also more extroverted. Like, in the sense that I can strike up conversations about the most random things with the most random people. But also, I am like reserved? If that makes sense? Also, my entire personality type changed, so.
And idk, I have become like a happier person in general, and I feel more confident on most days. I also feel like I have become closer to the people I value. It’s been kinda nice and bad at the same time, because ✨anxiety✨.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today! Let me know how you have changed in the past few months especially since everything is practically normal and COVID is practically non-existent!

P.S.- I am really really sorry about the inconsistent posting but I am out of ideas and out of energy like 90% of the time. I am so so sorry.


11 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Differences between School and College

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  1. interesting! i’ve had a bit of a different college experience than most, as right out of high school i went out of state and attended a very prestigious and competitive private research university in the US, but after going on medical leave, i transfered to my local community college (where i am now) with the intention of eventually transfering to a state university. it’s probably the degrees i’m seeking (i’m a physics and anthropology major with a planned minor in folklore studies), but i’ve actually found my college courses require significantly more time, energy, and effort than my high school classes did. my high school classes operated on a system where we had 4 classes that alternated every other day and each class was an hour and a half. in college, typically i take 3 courses and my classes meet once or twice a week for two to three and a half hours per session *sobs*. there’s also WAY more intense homework but that might be because i’m a STEM major lol. i’ve had a decent time making friends, but i’m also an extrovert who lives just outside a major US city, so i don’t find it daunting to socialize with total strangers (i’m the person who will start talking to you about philosophy while we wait in the grocery line lmao). but i can definitely appreciate that most people are more introverted than i am and have a tad more anxiety about social interactions. anyhoo, thanks for sharing your experience, it’s always interesting to see different perspectives!

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    1. I mean, yeah college courses are significantly more exhaustive than school courses, but the thing is that I feel that I can also kind of learn stuff on my own too, at least what we’ve been taught until now. But yeah, obviously it’ll get more difficult, i am just 3 months in😅

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  2. Don’t worry about not posting as much, Riddhi! The important thing is that you’re doing well, and I’m glad to hear you’ve been feeling happier! 🥰

    My university experience also wasn’t that similar to what you’re describing, though 🤔 My workload was WAY more extensive than it had ever been at school, which meant that social interactions mostly consisted of having classes and eating lunch together. I made great friends that way, but regular parties or phone calls were (thankfully 😅) not a thing!

    We were also expected to be a lot more independent, though. While our teachers at school were quite strict about attendance and would worry if we were falling behind, all of that was suddenly our responsibility. But I loved how freeing that was!

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    1. Yeah, I get that, I mean, the assignments are a lot more trickier, but the hours are less as compared to school, and I am just 3 months in after all😅
      As for the phone calls, I am getting used to them, actually, so well, that’s okay!

      Ah, I see!


  3. your discussions are honestly A++ I LOVE THEM!! also this was so so interesting to read! i mean, if IT’S SOMETHING I GENUINELY ENJOY, 1.5 hrs of lectures would sound amazing?? but i can imagine how they could also get insanely hectic after a while AND CONCENTRATING FOR THAT LONG IS AN OTHERWORLDLY THING 😭 honestly am very very proud of you like that <33 but also the calling over texting SOUNDS EXHAUSTING?? as someone who hates it when people suggest calling, I SYMPATHIZE OK?? but also if the entire experience is making you happier, THATS A GOOD THING RIGHT?? AM VERY VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! also SHHHH dont ever worry about not posting enough, YOUR POSTS ARE ALWAYS A JOY TO READ and honestly, the main thing is TO NOT STRESS YOURSELF OUT. and have fun!! SO CONCENTRATE ON HAVING FUN, ALRIGHT??

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  4. I really love this post and the variations between college and school, you have made great examples and the differences here Riddhi. It’s nice to read about the fact that you can strike a symposium about random things with the most random people. Also, I am relived that you are single under the “Relationship” sub topic, I think I should change that status from single to in a relationship because I would love to take you out on a date😍😂. Anyways, hope you well celebrate your birthday well in the next months.

    Lastly, you don’t need to be apologetic about being away and slumping from blogging for a white, a break is needed from blogging too.😊🙌


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