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Welcome to a random ramble of my life because I have literally no content to post.


So, um, yes, you read that correctly.

But you may also be wondering what happened to the hundred or so drafts lying in the …. drafts folder. The answer is: they are still there.

But you see, end semester examinations are kicking my butt. And my creativity.

But there’s also been a lot going on in my life lately and I thought: Hmm, I can’t think of stuff to post, I am high on caffeine, I am actively procrastinating studying for my examinations which are like four days away, and it’s nearly 3 am, so what do I do? The answer is obviously a random ramble post!

So, to begin with, the (almost) first half of December flew by. Does anyone else feel that? I mean, wasn’t it JUST November? Well, it was also JUST 2019, but here we are nearly in 2023, so, well, can’t really say anything.

First off, there was my birthday on the 8th, which was kinda fun. I mean, I celebrated at 12, by actually dressing up and cutting a teeny tiny cake and then having coffee, because why not. Then in the morning I had a quiz, on which I scored decent enough, then I had lunch with frens (Yes, I hosted an actual proper lunch, and no body ran away (Read: I didn’t run away), and I also never had had so much attention on my birthday which was kind of overwhelming but still didn’t feel as bad as I expected it too.
Plus, oh, I am officially an adult so that’s not daunting at all. That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick it up.
Then I had dinner with my family, and oh my god, the soup and the pizza was so good at that restaurant, I fell in love.

Other than that, there was Taylor’s birthday! Sadly, I didn’t do anything special, but well, I still put an Instagram story and informed everyone who knew I was crazy. I am also gonna get Taylor themed T-shirts so I’ll wear them soon as a sort of a late birthday celebration.

I also finally started reading It Ends With Us, and not getting the hype. I am about 200 pages in, and I do not see why it’s so hyped, but here’s to hoping it gets better! The last experience I had with CoHo wasn’t that great, tbh, so I hope this one’s better.

As for music, I made a playlist with my fav TS songs to send to a friend. It, um, has, um, 65 songs. Um, yeah.

Besides that, there’s actually not much going on. It just felt like there was, I guess, lol.

I’ll probably not be posting much from now on, though. I’ll try to post as much as I can, but um, no guarantees.

How are you thoughh? I feel like it’s been aeons since I caught up with you guys! Let me know what’s going on with you in the comments!!!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to a random ramble of my life because I have literally no content to post.

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  1. belatedddd happyyy birthdayyyy🦋💗

    and yes even I still can’t believe we are going to enter 2023, like it feels like yesterday everyone in the blogosphere was freaking out about how 2021 passed in a snap and well, here we are🥲

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  2. I love your rambles! Hope you did well in your exams. Happy belated birthday 🎉 welcome to adulthood. It sucks. You’re gonna love it. (paraphrased quote from friends tv show)

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  3. Tomorrow is my son’s last day of exams, then he gets Christmas vacation (I don’t celebrate Christmas but since Lebanon is a multi sectarian country, we get vacations for both Muslim and Christian holidays). During the vacation, I’ll be visiting my sister as much as possible, because, after the vacay, she is traveling to the US with her husband and kids for good.

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  4. Congrats on official adultness, Riddhi!!! 🥳🎊🥳 Trust me – you’re probably never going to feel like an actual adult, even years after turning 18 – at least I still haven’t reached that stage… 😅

    But I’m glad you had a great birthday inspite of that test and a lot of socializing, and I hope the rest of your December has been going great as well!

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      1. Don’t ask 😅 I spent the whole day working and was dead on my feet by the time I stopped… But I did get together with a few friends the weekend after to bake Christmas cookies, which was a lot of fun! 🥰

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