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1000 Followers Special! | It’s the last day- time to party! It’s blog party day!

Hey everybody! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! It's the last day of our week-long celebration, so duh, it's time to party! Here's the invite- share it with your friends, family, fellow book lovers, etc. etc.! Now, let's start the party! Here's some music! And food! First we must cut... Continue Reading →

1000 Followers Special! | Assumptions, because it’s been so long!

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! So, continuing the one week 1000 follower fest, today I need all of you to give some assumptions for me to answer. I think I last did this when I was at like 200 followers, so I feel like it's about time I do it again!... Continue Reading →

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