Reacting to Bookish Memes | Take Three

Hey everyone! I figured that everyone could use with a dose of laughter, so I decided to do another of these posts. I had done one in March and another one back in December, so you can check them out for an extra dose of laughter if you wish! Let's begin! Number 1: Oh, how... Continue Reading →

Reacting to bookish memes | Take Two

Hey everyone, it's me, Riddhi! And today, I am back with another reacting to bookish memes post! I did the last one back in December I think, and all of you loved it, so I decided, hey why don't I do another one? So here I am, with some bookish memes for y'all. Let's begin!... Continue Reading →

Reacting to Bookish Memes!

Hola comrades(This is officially my new greeting now, got bored of 'Hey Guys'- if you guys have any suggestions, drop 'em in the comments)! So, today I will be doing something I have never done before on my blog- Reacting to Bookish memes! I am stealing this idea from my favourite Booktuber- Jesse the Reader... Continue Reading →

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