Books as Emojis Part II | Answers + Results!

Hey everyone! So, all of you had given another books as emojis quiz a few days ago, and the results are here! In case of any ambiguity, let me know in the comments! Answers: 👧💻- A fiction book by a famous Youtuber. The book's about a blogger. It's part of a trilogy | NOW-2Answer: Girl... Continue Reading →

Books as Emojis Quiz! | Part II

Yes, yes, I know I said I wouldn't be doing another one of these for some time now, but I thought, hey, if I am already doing these, and if I already have a couple quizzes ready, why don't I just post it? So click here or here to take a new quiz!!! Let me... Continue Reading →

Books as Emojis Quiz!

Hey everyone! So, when Pannaga @A Tomboy's Attic made a music as emojis quiz, I thought of making one of books as emoji ones, and coincidentally this morning Pannaga made one with books too! Check it out here, and attempt it too!! Here's mine, and if this link doesn't work, try this one! I hope... Continue Reading →

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