Tag Thursday #13 | The Outstanding Blogger Award #7 | Ideal Inspiration Award #4

Hola Comrades! Welcome to another Tag Thursday! Today, we have in store an award. The Outstanding Blogger Award #7 I was nominated for this award for the seventh time by Ashmita @The Fictional Journal. Peeps, do go and check her blog out, she has some really cool content. Plus, she co-hosts a great Goodreads book... Continue Reading →

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hey Guys! Another award?!?!!!! Whaaat? Hooowwww? No words😶😶 I was nominated for this award by Jyotsna @Artpyscho! Thank you so much for the nomination Jyotsna, it really means a lot!!! Guys, check her blog out, it is awesome! I love the logo What is the award all about? Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is a non-official... Continue Reading →

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