I need your help! | Dedicating songs to books!

Hey everyone! So, I came up with an idea for a post recently, wherein I require your help. I thought of dedicating songs from my vault of songs to books I have read. I was also thinking that I could dedicate songs to books I have not read on the basis of their blurbs. So,... Continue Reading →

Blogger Interviews Dates

Hello Everybuddy. So, as promised, the blogger interviews are here. I will be posting two interviews every Sunday and here's the schedule- 17th January: Sarah @Sarah Collins BookwormChelsey @The Travelling Reader 24th January: Millay @Millay's MusingsNamrata @Red Pillows 31st January: Moi @Bookish BlundersPhoenix @Books With Wings 7th February: Maeve @Books by MaeveNaemi @A Book Owl's... Continue Reading →

Blogger interviews!

Hola Comrades! So, as you may or may not remember in my today's Tag Thursday post, I said that I might be doing something interactive with all of you. And while that wasn't very specific- this post will give you a clearer idea about how all of this is gonna take place. What's gonna happen?... Continue Reading →

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