Song Lyrics that I love!

Hey everybody!!!! So, this was an idea I had a while back, but I just recently remembered it, and so here we are discussing some of my favourite song lyrics! I listen to music almost the entire day, and sometimes I am just in awe of the artist's genius when they write a particular lyric.... Continue Reading →

Which Taylor Swift Song Lyric is this? | Quiz

Hey everyone! So, my genius (cos that sounds so modest) brain came up with a new idea today! I made a MCQ quiz, with Taylor Swift lyrics and well there are 5 options out of which the given lyric belongs to one. I don't know if it will be successful, but here goes nothing! Click... Continue Reading →

Pop Songs as Emojis Quiz!

Hey everyone! So, a few days back I did a quiz on Taylor Swift songs as emojis, and today I am doing one of general pop songs!The idea is originally Pannaga's @The Tomboy's Attic. I have covered a lot of artists, and I don't expect you to know each of them. I think it's difficult,... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift Songs as Emojis!

Hey everyone! So, Piper from The Tomboy's Attic did this thing where she listed a bunch of TS's songs in the form of emojis, and it was an awesome idea, so I thought, why don't I do this as well?!?! I made a Google Quiz instead of just listing them here, so click here and... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2021

Phew, April was a very bad month. So, um, April was pretty tough for me, and I know you might not be interested in listening to me drone about how it sucked, so you can skip ahead, I don't really mind. So, my 12th grade started, and I am not gonna lie- it's difficult. I... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap Up | March 2021

Hey everyone! It's time for the monthly wrap-up once again, and I cannot comprehend where the time between this one and the last one went. I mean, it seems like an eternity since my exams got finished (We still haven't gotten the results, by the way.), yet, if I see my productivity levels in March...... Continue Reading →

Music Monday #1

Hey Guys! So, today for the first time ever, I am going to participate in Music Monday. It is hosted by Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek. Basically, I will be sharing a favourite song of mine with all of you! So let's do it! (I am not sure if I will participate every Monday but... Continue Reading →

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