Discussion Post | Type of Books We’ve all read (From a teen’s POV)

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So, Simran @Far From Perfect and I were discussing our blogs, and she thought of an amazing post idea, which she hasn’t posted yet, so I shan’t spoil it, but that gave me the idea of doing this! So, let’s get into it, shall we?

  1. ‘Trash’ (Can also be called feathers, because of how metaphorically, and sometimes literally light they are): The cute, romcom we all have as comfort reads.
    Let’s face it, the YA contemporary world is full of romcoms which don’t have a message or anything, it’s just a high school love story, unlikely to pan out. Does it make sense to love them? No. Do we love them anyways? Yes. Do we refer to them as trash on our blogs? Yes.
  2. ‘Trash, but with a gold ring.’: The cute romcom but with a strong message
    These are, you could say, the elite version of the trash. They aren’t heavy, per se, but when your exam-ridden brain goes into it, it expects nothing like it, which may annoy it, but well, overall, they aren’t very bad and make little to moderate sense.
  3. Fakers: The ones parading as a genre they aren’t
    The number of times I’ve picked up a novel parading as a YA contemporary romance during exams, only for it to take a dark turn midway-
  4. The DRaMa Queens: The ones with so. much. drama.
    Okay so there’s the regular contemporary, with a small dose of drama, where the guy does something ‘unforgivable’ three fourths into the book but then does a big dramatic gesture and the girl takes him back. Then come novels (usually mystery) where every page reeks of drama. Drama drama drama. Everyone’s been cheating on each other, there’s been bullying going on, and whatnot. And you know what, I am here for the dramatic ones. I truly am.
  5. The History Teachers:
    All of us have read some historical fiction or a historical non-fiction in our life, right? Now, raise your hand if they taught you more about the time than any other history textbook.
    I’ll take a personal example here- I read a non-fiction novel- The Tattooist of Auschwitz. It’s set in World War II, and talks about the things going on in concentration camps. Now I’ve studied about World War II, and know the basics of it, but I never really knew what went on in those concentration camps. I knew prisoners were tortured, but not how they were tortured. Hence, the book did teach me more than my textbook did.

    P.S.- Yes, this category gave me the idea for the Book Genres as Teachers post :p
  6. The Moral Philosophers:
    *in a calm, serene voice* “And that’s why, dear child, you shouldn’t be depressed”
  7. River Otters:
    Welcome to the animal fact of the post!
    So, river otters are considered to be amongst the top ten most romantic animals of the world. They can be seen floating down the river holding hands, and apparently they even hold hands while sleeping. However, they may or may not be monogamous, which is a thing worth focussing on.

    Romance novels are like river otters. Very romantic (duh), but the MC may not be monogamous, obviously until the end, when the f-boi suddenly is like, I love you, and will never leave you etc. etc. Hence, river otter= romance novels.
  8. Miss Vocabulary:
    Classics. Need I say anything else?
  9. Dishoom dishoom:
    Okay, so I don’t know what onomatopoeitic sounds are used for fights outside of India, but these are the ones used in India.
    These are the novels with loads of action, but for some reason, I always skip over this part in novels. Like, I just don’t enjoy reading action. I mean, Six of Crows had action which was well written, even, yet I skimmed over some of it. I know, the horror.
  10. Oh, the stars are so pretty:
    I don’t know why, but I always associate fantasy and science fiction with stars. Yeah, that’s the category of books ‘Oh, the stars are so pretty’ for me.
  11. The bricks:
    Okay, there can be two interpretations of this:
    1. The super long books, hardbound, which can be used as bricks for building stuff (A bookshelf, of course, building anything else with books would be outrageous)
    2.The books on super heavy topics, which can metaphorically be considered books.
  12. Garbage:
    This isn’t the cute trash, this is a book you really really hate. Like, loathe. For me this book is definitely Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. There is not on thing I like about the book. Not. One. Thing. Sorry Coho fans.
  13. Mi amor:
    The book that’s your soulmate, your one true love. For me, it’s Fangirl. Of course, it might change over time, as we grow, but you never forget your past loves, do you?

And those are 13 types of books I’ve read commonly! What do you think are categories I missed? Who is your amor? Let me know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Type of Books We’ve all read (From a teen’s POV)

Add yours

  1. This cannot be more true, seriously
    I bought Fangirl, finally. I’ll get it to it as soon as the monstrosities are over

    Also, I completed All The Places I’ve Cried In Public and what a ride that was. The character development of Amelie *chef’s kiss*
    And why is Alfie the sweetest person to exist? The part where he sees Reese broke his heart and my own😭

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  2. I’m definitely guilty of having read all of these 🤣 Trash, with or without golden rings, is always my exam time salvation, my biggest garbage ever was probably Heart of Darkness, and mi amor is Harry Potter, obviously! 🥰

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  3. Ahhh yes trash (often without golden rings) saves the day again and again during exams!
    The book that will always be ‘mi amor’ is The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman, however more recently On a Sunbeam and The Perks of Being a Wallflower have crept their way in to my list of top reads!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jeez. I was so close to guessing the title! I have literally books in almost every category mentioned in this post! But I don’t know why your posts are feeling empty and rushed after you have focused on boards and I understand why. But this one was really better!

    Liked by 1 person

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