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Hey everybody! So, for the past week, I have been working on writing a novel. And I decided to publish chapters on Wattpad. And I am pleased to announce that I have done so!! I have published the first chapter of my first novel on Wattpad and you can read it here. The name of... Continue Reading →

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Rape- a heinous crime

Hey Guys. Today I am not going to be reviewing any book or movie nor am I going to do a tag. Today I am going to be talking about a really serious topic- Sexual Harassment. I am glad and grateful that I have a voice in this massive internet, and I intend to use... Continue Reading →

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Blogger Interview With Chelsey!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the second one's here! Today I will be interviewing Chelsey from The Travelling Reader. Chelsey is a really sweet person and before this we have talked in comments quite often.... Continue Reading →

Blogger Interview with Sarah!

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the first one's here! Today, I will be interviewing Sarah from Sarah Collins Bookworm and I am really excited to have her here! Me: Tell me something about yourself. Sarah:... Continue Reading →

Happy Makar Sankranti! + NEWS!

Hey everybuddy! Today is Makar Sankranti, a festival celebrated throughout India in various forms, some places as Pongal, some as Uttarayan among others. It is celebrated each year on 14th January and is a day of joy and holiday all around the country (I still had online classes, and I had to attend them. Damn!)... Continue Reading →

Blogger Interviews Dates

Hello Everybuddy. So, as promised, the blogger interviews are here. I will be posting two interviews every Sunday and here's the schedule- 17th January: Sarah @Sarah Collins BookwormChelsey @The Travelling Reader 24th January: Millay @Millay's MusingsNamrata @Red Pillows 31st January: Moi @Bookish BlundersPhoenix @Books With Wings 7th February: Maeve @Books by MaeveNaemi @A Book Owl's... Continue Reading →


When you diedI could not stop tears from pouringAs if they had a mind of their ownAnd I was just a spectator to their deeds When you diedI was sorryBecause I hadn't talked to you for daysJust because I was 'busy' When you diedI was melancholicBecause we hadn't met for more than an yearAs there... Continue Reading →

Mi hermana

You are my companionThe one who never leaves my sideEven when I am dismalEven when I am jovial. You are my partner in crimePulling off pranks that I can'tTaking offense on my behalfTaking revenge so that I laugh You are my kindred spiritKnowing what's on my mind all the timeWithout me even saying itWithout me... Continue Reading →


It starts from youIt grows in youIt feeds on youLike a Dementor It envelops youIt numbs youIt engulfs youLike a painkiller You feel nothingYou see nothingOf the griefs of other peopleYes, they are grieving too You can put an end it to itYou can let it take you awayTo a desolate placeYes, that place is... Continue Reading →

Introducing a New Collab Blog!

Hello Everybuddy and a Happy New Year to all of you! So as Roshni rightly guessed yesterday, me, Tiction, Nehal and Aanya have started a new collab blog, That Weird Club! Do visit, like, comment, subscribe, follow and everything!! Yeah, that's pretty much all I wanted to say in this post. Happy New year once... Continue Reading →

Blogger interviews!

Hola Comrades! So, as you may or may not remember in my today's Tag Thursday post, I said that I might be doing something interactive with all of you. And while that wasn't very specific- this post will give you a clearer idea about how all of this is gonna take place. What's gonna happen?... Continue Reading →

Reacting to Bookish Memes!

Hola comrades(This is officially my new greeting now, got bored of 'Hey Guys'- if you guys have any suggestions, drop 'em in the comments)! So, today I will be doing something I have never done before on my blog- Reacting to Bookish memes! I am stealing this idea from my favourite Booktuber- Jesse the Reader... Continue Reading →

Tag Thursday #12 | End of the year Book Tag | ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Book Tag | 5 Hilarious Things about me Tag | Liebster Award #5 | Outstanding Blogger Award #6

Hey Guys! Welcome to another Tag Thursday! It is another long post, so brace yourselves peeps! End of the Year Book Tag I was tagged to do this by Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts. I was going to do this anyway as I thought it would be the perfect start to the tags of December. Also,... Continue Reading →

I need feedback!!

So, we just touched 250 followers (thank you so much guys!!!!) and I figured it was about time that I asked for your feedback officially. So, go ahead, fill this form and let me know! Click here to fill the form. Seriously, please please please fill it guys!! Also, do let me know in the... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up | November 2020

And we are into my birthday month!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! November flew by and didn't at the same time. I can't say where my days went, yet I can remember aching for my birthday to come. Anywho, let's get to the wrap-up. Book reviews I did this month: Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)Tower of Dawn... Continue Reading →

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