Discussion Posts

Below are all the discussion posts I have ever done. If there is any topic on which you want me to do a discussion post on, let me know in the comments!!

Harry Potter: Book vs Movie

8 Popular Books I haven’t read

Read-a-thons | Pros and Cons

Booktubing vs Book Blogging

Things that irritate or motivate me as a blogger

To All the Fictional Boys I’ve Loved Before | Valentine’s Day Special

5 Female Authors I am in Awe of | Women’s Day Special

My Favourite Youtubers

9 Awesome Qualities of a Reader

Advice for New Bloggers!

3 Popular Books I do not like

3 Books I read to get over a slump

3 YA- Appropriate Books that should be Popular

3 Popular Romances on my TBR

Running a Book Blog, without actually reading books?

5 Struggles of Being an Indian Reader

5 Books on my TBR!]

7 Things Bookworms are tired of hearing

3 Book Series I Love but probably won’t if I read them again

3 Books that are my comfort reads

Blogging Pet Peeves I have that make no sense

Types of *insert generic thing* posts

Types of Followers we all have

Types of Bloggers we all know.

Types of Readers we all know.

Types of Music Lovers we all know.

Types of Authors We all know.

Types of Texters we all know.

Creating memes!

Creating Bookish Memes!

Creating Musical Memes!

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