Discussion Posts

Below are all the discussion posts I have ever done. If there is any topic on which you want me to do a discussion post on, let me know in the comments!!

Harry Potter: Book vs Movie

8 Popular Books I haven’t read

Read-a-thons | Pros and Cons

Booktubing vs Book Blogging

Things that irritate or motivate me as a blogger

To All the Fictional Boys I’ve Loved Before | Valentine’s Day Special

5 Female Authors I am in Awe of | Women’s Day Special

My Favourite Youtubers

9 Awesome Qualities of a Reader

Advice for New Bloggers!

3 Popular Books I do not like

3 Books I read to get over a slump

3 YA- Appropriate Books that should be Popular

3 Popular Romances on my TBR

Running a Book Blog, without actually reading books?

5 Struggles of Being an Indian Reader

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