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Blog Tour | On the Subject of Unmentionable Things by Julia Walton | Review


Author: Julia Walton

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: August 23rd, 2022

Number of Pages: 320

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5


A girl rewrites sex education, one viral post at a time, in this fiercely honest and delightfully awkward novel by the award-winning author of Words on Bathroom Walls.

Phoebe Townsend is a rule follower . . . or so everyone thinks. She’s an A student who writes for her small-town school newspaper. But what no one knows is that Phoebe is also Pom—the anonymous teen who’s rewriting sex education on her blog and social media.

Phoebe is not a pervert. No, really. Her unconventional hobby is just a research obsession. And sex should not be a secret. As long as Phoebe stays undercover, she’s sure she’ll fly through junior year unnoticed. . . .

That is, until Pom goes viral, courtesy of mayoral candidate Lydia Brookhurst. The former beauty queen labels Phoebe’s work an “assault on morality,” riling up her supporters and calling on Pom to reveal her identity. But Phoebe is not backing down. With her anonymity on the line, is it all worth the fight?

Julia Walton delivers a brutally honest novel about sex, social media, and the courage to pursue truth when misinformation is rife. Who knew truth could be so scandalous?

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Author Info:

JULIA WALTON is the award-winning author of Words on Bathroom Walls (now adapted to a major motion picture!) and Just Our Luck. Her third novel, On the Subject of Unmentionable Things, is set for release on August 23, 2022. She received an MFA in creative writing from Chapman University and a BA in History from UC Irvine. Julia lives with her husband and children in Huntington Beach, CA.

Thank you to TBR and Beyond Tours, Netgalley and the author for giving me a copy of the book. Check out the other posts on the tour here.


I loved this book! It’s so sex positive and I feel like everyone between the ages of 16 and 18 should give it a read. I would compare it with the Netflix show- Sex Education, since it does teach us about the topic to some extent.

Love the plot- it’s actually what drew me to the book! I have a thing for anonymous stuff. Add that to the unconventional topic picked up, and that makes the plot 10/10! And the fact that the love interest actually wasn’t who I thought it would be- amazing.

I actually loved to love the characters that were supposed to be loved and hated to hate the characters that were supposed to be hated. No complaints there either!

Writing Style:
This was another plus and no complaints here either, except Phoebe felt like someone who wasn’t 17 sometimes, but that can be overlooked!

Definitely a must-read! Do let me know if you’ve read it or plan to read it, as I’d love to discuss it with y’all!

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