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LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

Today I’ll be doing the LGBTQ+ Historical Icons tag. I was tagged by the creator Laura @Corner of Laura, and she runs an amazing blog so do check it out! I actually meant to do this tag in June, but well, procrastination got in the way, so…. oops, I guess?

Anyway, let’s get into it!


  • Link back to the original creator (The Corner of Laura) and link back to this page (otherwise, the original creator won’t get a notification).
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link back to their post
  • (Optional) Use the graphics and don’t forget to credit the original creator (Text prompts are at the end of the tag if you’d prefer to use those)
  • (Optional) Tag 5 or more other people.

Sappho – Greek poet known for her lyric poetry which is believed to describe homoerotic feelings: A book of poetry (or written in verse)

Okay, so I am totally going to use this opportunity to flaunt the fact that one of my poems got published in yet another anthology called Ties That Bind.

Alan Turing – Mathematician known for cracking the Enigma code but who was persecuted for his homosexuality: A character who deserved better

GALE. He should have ended up with Katniss. Period. Look, Peeta is just way too perfect, okay? People like him, don’t exist. And even if they do, they and people like Katniss rarely get along. On the other hand, Gale and Katniss- chemistry from the first page.

Gilbert Baker – Creator of the rainbow Pride Flag: The most colourful book you own

I have to say Book Lovers by Emily Henry. It’s a very colourful book!

Anne Lister – Landowner, industrialist and considered to be the first modern lesbian: A book written as a diary (or includes diary entries)

Okay, so I haven’t actually read the novel, but The Diary of Anne Frank is a book written as a diary… I am presuming?

Marsha P. Johnson – Prominent figure in the Stonewall Uprising and founder of several LGBTQ rights organisations: A character you’d would want fighting at your side

I pick Kaz Brekker, because why not?

Alfred Kinsey – Creator of the Kinsey scale: A book set in academia

I pick Very Bad People by Kit Frick which is a dark academia novel and was actually fun to read!

Lucy Hicks Anderson – First trans woman to defend her identity in court: A book where a major scene takes place in court

I am gonna be a complete nerd and say The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

Open Prompt – Your choice: A book that inspires you

All books inspire me! It’s true! Well, almost all.

I tag:

  1. Leah @Leah’s Books
  2. Line @First Line Reader
  3. Maria @The Character Study
  4. Lily Yu @Books by Starlight
  5. Amaya @Mauve Mumblings
  6. YOU!

That’s all I have for you today! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your favourite book with LGBTQ+ representation!


56 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag

Add yours

  1. Noooooo, Riddhi!!!! How can you pair someone as epic as Alan Turing with an opinion like that?? 😨 Peeta & Katniss all the way!!!

    Also, I can confirm that Anne Frank’s diary is indeed a diary – and that you should read it! 🙃 Not only is it super impactful, but it is also extremely well written!

    Also, I loved your Merchant of Venice choice for the court question 🥰 Portia is still one of the best literary badasses 😎

    Liked by 3 people

      1. *who’s – Check your grammar before you call other people out for unintentionally creating Subway sandwiches! 😜

        Also, nooooo, Anne Frank is not boring! 😨 It’s extremely suspenseful and insightful!!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. This is a really cool tag! I love it! Seeing your answers was so fun, although I am team Peeta. 😂 I really liked their chemistry and I found the differences helped them survive. But he can’t be for everyone and I liked Gale too!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wait another poem of your got published and we never got to know?!??!!! Bruh..
    That’s great, congratsss 🤩. So proud of you. Do share the link or something if any.
    Also Nehal agrees with the Kaz Brekker point. But maybe he would just leave her anybody else to die so dunno 😂.

    Also Nehal sincerely hopes that Naemi is reading this comment 🙂👀.

    Liked by 2 people

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