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Candy Jar Movie Review

Hey Guys!

So, it has been literally forever since I reviewed a movie. Like literally. And I watched a movie today and I was like, hey, I have nothing for a movie review this month, so why don’t I review this one? Kidding, I just loved a few points about this movie and thought that they should be shared with y’all, so I decided to review this movie.

Candy Jar is a 2018 film starring Sami Gayle, Jacob Latimore, Helen Hunt, Christina Hendricks and Uzo Aduba. I thought the movie was rather good and the fact that it was an enemy to lover trope movie did not harm my views towards the film.

Candy Jar (2018) - IMDb

Lona and Bennett have been against each other since they can remember. They are at odds with each other for just about everything, but most of all in debate. But when they are forced to work with each other to win the state debate championship, they realise that they have more in common than they ever realised.

The acting was good. Not exceptionally spectacular but it was good. But it was more of the lesson that it taught me which impressed me. More of that later.

The music, the visuals, everything was near awesome. I will admit the movie did get a little boring in the middle , but it isn’t as if you cannot bear with it. Plus, the end is worth it.

Another thing about the movie that is so great is that it actually captures how high school is and feels real, you know. The romance between Lona and Bennett is also cute.

So, there are a few lessons that I thought should be shared with everyone (Yes Riddhi, you have said that a lot)
First off, there was a line in the film which said that at the age of 16, we are not allowed to vote and not allowed to drink but we need to make a decision that will influence our entire lives. This struck me hard. Hell, I wasn’t even 16 when I was told to choose which stream I want to.
Second off, high school made us all robots. It is true. We are asked to submit assignments etc. and sometimes told to leave our lives. We are told to forget our lives out of school sometimes. And it is okay but not to a great extent. Life is to live and have fun. And I want you all to remember that.
Third off, if something does not work for you in life, that is not the end. There are always alternatives, but that also does not mean that you stop working hard.

So, I would definitely recommend you to watch the film. It is a Netflix original.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Have you watched the film? Do you want to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. My youngest brother and I watched this about a year ago and had a hilarious time 😂 All those debate scenes were absolutely ridiculous, so obviously we enjoyed every minute! I’m glad you were also able to take away some deeper lessons from this movie, though 😉

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