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The Bloggers Recommendations Tag

Hey Guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, today, I’ll b doing a tag for which I was tagged by the creator Nehal @Quirky Pages (She also created the featured image) and Devangi @Just penning down my thoughts. Thank you guys for nominating me and let’s get to the tag!

Wait, also, I am slowly working my way through all the nominations (Yep, they are piled up all again. Surprise surprise)

What is it about?

The Blogger Recommendations Tag is essentially a way for bloggers to share some of their favorite bloggers with their readers. It helps the readers discover more blogs and also brings appreciation to the bloggers mentioned.


  1. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Quirky Pages .
  3. List the rules.
  4. Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.
  5. The people you mention will be considered tagged.
  6. Apart from the ones you shared, you can tag other bloggers and notify them.
  7. Just have fun!!
  • A fascinating blog theme
    Honestly, I do not really visit people’s website, I almost always read posts on the reader, since I am really cynical about people’s website and colour choices and stuff. So, it took me a lot of time to come up with this answer, but I loved Diya and Khyati’s website Booklore, it’s so bookish!
  • A lovely home page
    Saima @Stories with Saima has a very pretty home page! It’s super welcoming and aesthetic!
  • Great book reviews
    T.K. @Genie in a Novel writes amazing, on-point reviews, covering just about everything that’s there in a book, in a completely non-spoilery way!
  • Amazing humour
    Me. Riddhi @Whispering Stories/poems and poesies/The Human Book Club.
    Okay no I am just kidding.

    I have to agree with Nehal on this one, Aashi @Words on Fleek has an amazing sense of humour. So does Silver Stone @The Bored Side of the Phone.
  • Mind-blowing poems and stories
    Mi amiga from IRL- Simran @Far From Perfect! She never told me she writes so well, and then she starts a blog and boom, I come to know about this amazing talent she has and I am like whoa wow dude I am proud of you!
  • The friendliest
    I agree with Nehal here too- Sam @Diary of a Dreamer and Naemi @A Book Owl’s Corner. Okay, listen to me very carefully. What you are going to do is click on those links and go and follow them.

    Sam always comes up with the friendliest comments and the friendliest content! And Naemi literally reads the posts no matter how long they are and writes super long comments and makes me smile!
  • Very consistent
    Carl @The Pine-Scented Chronicles posts almost every day, and is so very consistent! It’s amazing!
  • The best at sharing tips
    I agree with Nehal once again- Pooja @Lifesfinewhine is an amazing blogger who shares amazing tips!
  • The talented artist
    Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings does some amazing digital art, make sure you check it out!
  • Cool site name
    Sep @Bookishly Yours has an amazing blog name, because come on, I mean, that’s me to practically every book I read!
    There’s also Deepthy @Random Specific Thoughts which is so cool, because like I mean, yeah!
  • The underrated
    Harini @Book Spiral does some cool posts, and definitely deserves more attention! Stara @The Pool of Thoughts, is another grawesome blogger. (I just rewatched an old favourite TV series of mine, and I picked this word from there- if you know, you know- I am NOT naming it.) She is also pretty young but still comes up with great stuff! Srishti, who runs two blogs is also pretty underrated! And Ash @Ink Words and Ash has a pretty cool blog too!

And that’s it! Everyone I have mentioned can consider themselves tagged!

I hope you do follow all these blogs if you haven’t already, and do do this tag, it’s pretty fun! Have a good time checking them all out, and now I bid you adieu!


32 thoughts on “The Bloggers Recommendations Tag

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  1. Awww, Riddhi, you and Nehal are making me tear up 😭🥰😭 I don’t think I deserve this honor at all, but thank you for mentioning me!
    (And lol, I usually read posts in the reader, too, and have no idea what most people’s blogs actually look like 🤣)

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