Award Post | Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Hey everyone! I am back with another award- the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. I was nominated for it by Nehal @Books and Words. She has an awesome blog with loads of bookish stuff and poems and short stories too! Rules: Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog.Make a post of... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2021

Phew, April was a very bad month. So, um, April was pretty tough for me, and I know you might not be interested in listening to me drone about how it sucked, so you can skip ahead, I don't really mind. So, my 12th grade started, and I am not gonna lie- it's difficult. I... Continue Reading →

How are you all doing?

Hey everyone! So, I was thinking to myself that these days the interaction between me and my readers is down to a bare minimum. haven't done many interactive posts, and my posts haven't been at their best either, and I realised that it was sorta my fault. So, I decided I should do a post... Continue Reading →

Blogiversary Special | Q&A!

Hey everyone! So I had asked y'all to ask me questions on my blogiversary, and today I will be answering them!! So, let's go already! Naemi's Questions: If you could adopt any book character into your family, whom would you pick and why?Ooh, this is difficult. But I think I will go with Hermione because... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk!

Hey everyone! So, first off, for my blogiversary, I had a Q&A thing, and not many people asked questions.... So if you want to ask something, click here (to be directed to the reader) or here (to be directed to my website) and comment! I really wanna answer your questions! Secondly, I am going to... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap Up | March 2021

Hey everyone! It's time for the monthly wrap-up once again, and I cannot comprehend where the time between this one and the last one went. I mean, it seems like an eternity since my exams got finished (We still haven't gotten the results, by the way.), yet, if I see my productivity levels in March...... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi guys!

So, guys this is a post that is kinda late (It's nearly the end of the day of the festival here), buut, I did something new that I wanted to share with all of you. But first, let's catch up on the history of this festival. Holi is perhaps one of the most vastly celebrated... Continue Reading →

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