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Discussion Post | Pros and Cons of Book Tours

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

So, I’ve been doing blog tours for a while, and I like to think that I’ve gotten the hang of them by now. So, I decided to do a post on the pros and cons of blog tours!

If you want to learn more about blog tours, click here.

Let’s get into it!


  1. Free Books!
    This definitely is the biggest advantage for me. I enjoy free things people! Obviously, the books are digital, but it’s still fun and everything, you know?
  2. ARCs:
    Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I get a thrill whenever I get an ARC. Like, there’s something about the fact that I get to read it before the rest of the world is amazing for me. Since 95% blog tours give ARCs, this is a big plus!
  3. Improves reviewing skills:
    I don’t know about other people, but I’ve definitely gotten better at articulating my thoughts, ever since I’ve started requesting ARCs and signing up for blog tours. I also pay more attention to things so, that’s another good thing!
  4. Organization
    To add another point, your reading plans get organized as well! This is a huge help for me as I take hours to decide my next read, and on signing up for ARCs and Blog Tours, I know what the next reading month for me will look like! Admittedly, signing up for a lot of them means, I don’t end up reading more things that were on my TBR before, but in a way, it’s good during exams as I don’t waste time deciding my next read.
  5. Discover new authors:
    Honestly, I initially signed up for blog tours only so that I could read stuff by authors I’d heard of. But now, I pick up blog tours by authors I’ve never heard of, and I try picking more of the ones by debut authors, so that I can promote the really good books as much as I can! And I’ve added a couple of authors to my auto-reads as well!
  6. Branch out:
    Honestly, just for the sake of it, I’ve signed up for books I’d never have ordinarily read. For example, Summer’s Edge, it being horror and everything, I’d never have read it in ordinary circumstances! I’d also almost stopped reading middle grade (Yes, the horror of not nurturing my inner child!), but I do end up reading at least one middle grade a month or every two months.
    I’ve also read more diverse reads since I started signing up for blog tours!
  7. Chance to interact with authors!
    You may even get to interact with authors, even though not directly! Just imagine, being able to ask a published author questions! I find that exciting, don’t you?
  8. Developing Netgalley profile:
    I’ve mentioned this in my previous post as well, but developing your Netgalley profile from scratch, is difficult. Signing up for blog tours, does make the process slightly easier. What’s more, you get to read books, you probably wouldn’t be able to in normal circumstances, had you directly tried requesting it.
    For example, the eARC of the new Kasie West novel wasn’t available on Netgalley for Indians, but I got it anyway because I signed up for a blog tour!


  1. Reading on a deadline:
    This can honestly be stressful. I am on track for reading stuff right now, since I renewed a bunch of ARCs I had, and a few reads in the middle were rather quick, otherwise I’d have been dead.
    On a similar note, writing a review is also a must! Now, I enjoy writing reviews, since I like to go back and read what I thought of a book, but a lot of people don’t. So, that can be stressful too!
  2. You may end up being dishonest about your opinions:
    See, if you rate a book below 3 stars, you’re supposed to send a email to the blog tour company, stating that, and if you’ve rated the book, say, 2.5 stars, you might be too lazy or too busy to do that, and hence, just rate the book 3 stars instead.
  3. Time-taking:
    The entire time of the blog tour thing is huge. For me, personally, there’s the two-four hours I take for reading a book (depends on length of the book), then formatting the blog tour post, writing a review on Goodreads and Netgalley, and sometimes if I’ve to do a post that’s not a review- a Top 5 reasons to read or an Interview, there’s the additional time required for that. So, that’s a 4-6 hour process, if not more! What’s more, blog tours are also the posts that gain some of the least traffic, so seeing those low stats numbers does bring your morale down. I spend about an hour or two on a normal post, sometimes less, and seeing those posts gain more traffic, rather than blog tours, hurts!

And those were the pros and cons of signing up for book tours! The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me, although of course that might not be the case with everyone!

Did you find this post useful? Do you sign up for blog tours often? If yes, did you relate to it? Let me know in the comments!


30 thoughts on “Discussion Post | Pros and Cons of Book Tours

Add yours

  1. Not many bloggers talk about blog tours so I appreciate hearing your perspective! I’ve never tried one myself and I’m not currently interested. I like the flexibility that ARCs offer while going on a tour seems a bit too constricting. Especially if you’re supposed to email every time the book rating is below 3 stars. I’d be worried that the tour company or author might retaliate in some way, while I’m not as worried about that on an ARC site because it feels like they’d offer a bit more protection.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. About the below three star rating thing- don’t worry, the author or tour company won’t retaliate! You can still post your opinions after the blog tour is over- the only reason tour companies ask you to not share negative opinions is that their primary focus is the promotion of the book- they don’t mind negative reviews, as everyone has different reading tastes!

      Thanks for reading Mint!

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      1. Oh, this is great info, thanks Riddhi! That makes me feel a lot better. I understand that they wouldn’t want negative reviews while the tour is going, but I appreciate that they would still let you post the review.

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  2. i liked this. honestly I enjoy book tours, all of them except the uncertainty of knowing if I’ll be selected or when the book will arrive in my email. and YES! ARCS AND BOOK TOURS GIVE ME THAT BOOK FASHIONISTA FEELING

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess, that anxiety is the next level! Especially when the novel is by an author you love- like this Kasie West tour’s happening in June and I was like I NEED this!
      Thanks Sep!

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  3. The thought of having “organized” reading absolutely horrifies me – I adore chaotically picking up whatever I’m currently in the mood for 🤣 And I also love having the freedom to share my full opinion on every book I read on my blog, even when that opinion is negative. So I’m pretty sure blog tours will never be for me! 😅 But it was really interesting hearing your perspective on them, Riddhi, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying blog tours so much! Branching out and discovering new authors does sound like a huge bonus!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’d have horrified me as well, but as I said, it helps when you’ve little time!
      Yeah, that I agree to, but they also give the option of doing just a spotlight, and then sharing your honest opinion after the blog tour is over!
      Thanks Naemi!

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  4. i LOVE the discussion riddhi!! i’ve tried blog tours out before, but they probably aren’t the best for me?? reading books with deadlines/the pressure to write a review afterwards just seems terrifying?? PLUS I USUALLY END UP KEEPING STUFF FOR THE LAST MIUNTE and that REALLY doesn’t go well, because how do you read the book + review it ON THE DAY OF THE TOUR, right?? thats obviously my own fault (i am expert procrastinator), but i kind of like to be able to read whatever i’m in the mood for at the moment. SO. but discovering new authors + promoting debut authors does sound really AMAZING though!!

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  5. AHH I love this post so much!! It’s honestly such an insightful discussion!!
    I’ve never participated in a blog tour before and I really don’t think I ever will because reading books on a deadline??? My teensy tiny brain CANNOT do that haha!! And ARCS stress me out so much because I’m always afraid I’ll never finish them but FREE BOOKS!! I CAN NEVER SAY NO TO THEM SO I KEEP ON REQUESTING FOR THEM AHH😭 and omg interacting with authors does seem amazing!! overall I do definitely think there are more pros compared to cons when it comes to blog tours, but I’d definitely crumble under deadlines and I’m more of a mood reader as well so I don’t think they’re for me just yet!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right, they are so stressful! They do come with the benefit of being renewable, so I just renew them (on Netgalley at least)
      Yess, understandable!


  6. Organization and time management. For young readers, it’ll be a great training as you move forward in life. I love book tours, but I haven’t been able to participate in years due to work. 😩

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  7. I agree with you about all of this! It’s not just that you have to email the organiser telling them why you didn’t like the book, it’s that the author knows that you backed out of reviewing it probably because you didn’t like it!

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    1. Hi Jessi, thanks for reading!
      Also, I’ve linked to the post describing the procedure to sign up for them in this post- right at the beginning! You’ll find the answers to your questions there, and if you don’t, feel free to email them to me!


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