Monthly Wrap Up | December 2020

Ah, we are almost into 2021!!! This year flew by ✈✈! Like if someone asks me what did you do in 2020, I would be blank as I haven’t attended school for a year! Because of boards, we were given the option of studying at home, and I didn’t attend school then. Then, because of the lockdown, I didn’t attend school in Grade 11. And there’s just two months left until I am in Grade 12😲😲😲. And just another year then, and I am in college. I am so not ready for that.

Anyway, you aren’t here to listen to me telling you how I did absolutely nothing in 2020. You are here to know what my blog did in December 2020.

Book Reviews:

  1. Mrs. McGinty’s Dead
  2. The Silent Widow
  3. And Then There Were None
  4. The Cousins

Except these books, I finished my seventh reread of Harry Potter and my second reread of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Movie Reviews:

This month I did watch a couple of movies, but I haven’t been able reviewed any.

Tags and Awards:

I did a huge bunch of tags this month as always. Here’s the list-

  1. End of the Year Book Tag
  2. The School For Good and Evil Book tag
  3. 5 Hilarious Things About Me
  4. Liebster Award #5
  5. Outstanding Blogger Award #6
  6. Outstanding Blogger Award #7
  7. Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award #4
  8. Evermore book tag
  9. Mystery Blogger Award #1
  10. GIF-y Love
  11. 2020 Book Tag
  12. Selena Gomez Book Tag
  13. Bookish Blog Tag
  14. Liebster Award #6
  15. Liebster Award #7
  16. Bookish Christmas Book Tag
  17. Blogmas Tag
  18. Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag
  19. Piano Playlist Tag
  20. Peer Pressure tag

Discussion Posts:

  1. Read-a-thons: Pros and Cons
  2. Booktube vs Book Blogging
  3. Things that motivate or irritate me as a blogger

Music Mondays:

  1. Let Her Go by Passenger
  2. Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez


  1. I need Feedback: A post where I asked for feedback from y’all
  2. My Birthday Post
  3. Blogger Interviews
  4. I started writing a Wattpad novel!
  5. I turned Just Some Bibliophilic Things into a one time tag
  6. I also reacted to some Bookish Memes, and it is my favourite post of the month, so do check it out!

Posts I loved this month:

  1. Krupali from Musing of Souls made an interesting tag of her own! Check it out here.
  2. Nehal over at Fictionally Crazy did a discussion on drawbacks of reading multiple books at a time. Read it here.
  3. Alissa @Alissa’s Booktopia did a discussion on why tropes in books aren’t necessarily bad and enemies to lovers isn’t necessarily toxic. Click here to read it!
  4. Ahaana @Windows to Worlds and Becky @Dusts of Magic introduced an awesome project called “After the Story” It is kinda like writing fanfiction, so click on the links I have embedded above and check it out!
  5. Esha from Felix Felicitated answered a question which is rather tough to answer- Are New Year Resolutions Worth It?
  6. A special shoutout to Pilar @The Bookworm Shelf for doing Blogmas posts for 25 days straight!
  7. Ahaana @Windows to Worlds did a post discussing her favourite tropes in YA fiction.

Among Other Things:

  1. TAYLOR SWIFT RELEASED A NEW ALBUM!! I am addicted to it and oh, my it is so awesome!
  2. I got a load of books as my birthday gifts.
Have you read any of them?

So, that’s all that happened in December! Hope you had a good December and hope you have a good 2021! Adios amigos and amigas!

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